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Hi Biggies,

As usual I am enjoying seeing your e-Portfolio work and ‘meeting’ you in Teams. I also saw some of you in Minecraft this week. I am out of my depth there, but it is amazing to see how fast you build things and you seem really good at working together. I am going to try and take a walk down the road you built me so that I can see what you are up to. Hopefully we can get some more folk in this week.

We will try some more assignments in Teams this week. I’ll go over how these work in Tuesdays’s meeting.

Please take your time reading this. Go over it with an adult if you can. Listen to the audio version if that helps. Take your time there is a lot to take in.

Literacy | Maths | Art | ICT | IDL | Health & Wellbeing

Video conference in Teams

Tuesday: 2:00pm
Wednesday: 11:00am
Thursday: 2:00 pm
Friday 2:00 pm




Read a book, Explore a word, ReadTheory Spelling

If you need a book you can go to Free eBook library | Oxford Owl I have emailed you and your parents the class password.

Yellow & Blue Groups: Read Dinosaur Safari on Oxford Owl. Try some of these Worksheets: Design a dinosaur,  Dinosaur safari comprehension and Factfile dinosaurs Remember I’ve have sent your parents the class username & password for oxford owl.

Green & Red Groups: Week 4 Tasks Own Novel

Film Literacy

Moana Meets the Ocean | Film Class

Watch the clip and answer the questions. We will discuss some of the questions in one of the meets this week. Watch the clip first!

Write at least three (more for p 6 & 7) of your answers to the questions out fully:
As Moana walks onto the beach, we can see the shadow of the birds on the sand. Why do you think the filmmaker does this?
As Moana walks onto the beach I think the filmmaker shows the shadows of the birds because…

Add those to your e-Portfolio.


I didn’t see any writing for last week’s suggestion, you can still try that: Write a story about TheFox & the Child

Fun Poetry

Try writing the types of poem that Joseph Coelho explains in the video. One with onomatopoeia an one with nonsense. Have fun, say them out loud, try recording them if you can.

You could type up you poem and add it to your e-Portfolio.

North Lanarkshire Learning hub are having literacy challenges, you could give them a go.

Literacy Across Learning

BBC iPlayer – Newsround

Choose one of the topics on Newsround today and research more about it.
Create a poster or fact file with information and pictures on the subject.


Daily Maths

Sumdog We are not using Sumdog very much! Might be an idea to start practising for Sumdog’s mathematics contest for North Lanarkshire which starts next Friday, May 15.

Data Handling

We are going to be thinking of data an how can explore it this week/

I’ve put the group worksheets up as both PDF files and word documents in case anyone wants to edit them in word.

There is no need to print the documents, or even fill them in unless you want to. You could look at them on a screen and answer on paper if you like.

Octagon & Hexagons

Creating Bar Graphs – YouTube

What is a block graph and how do I draw one? – YouTube

Carroll Diagrams – YouTube

Bar Graph Word | PDF

Block Graph Word | PDF

Carroll Diagram Word | PDF

Pentagons, Squares & Triangles

Dice Roll Activity Word | PDF

Interpreting Graphs Word | PDF

Surveys Word| PDF
This might help you make a graph if you can use a computer or tablet. Data Graphs (Bar, Line, Dot, Pie, Histogram)

Extra, there are some “Maths Challenge” NLCLearningHub on Twitter you could try.


See if you can find out the answers to these questions. Make a fact sheet, video, presentation or something else to explain.



I’ve put some of the suggested Art activities on another page:

Health & Wellbeing

Make a ‘Learning at Home’ time capsule / diary. Fill it with pictures, thoughts and feelings about the reasons behind us not being at school at the moment. Add to it whenever you want to remember something about this time.

It could be a box full of pieces of paper, bits of newspaper with recent new, writing or you could make or find a wee book.


e-Mail some of you have sent me an e-mail, I’d like everyone to try please.


I don’t think anyone tried the Scratch for last week, please give it a go you should be able to get better effects than me if you play about a bit.

You can get a sprite to “stamp” its image. So you can paint with a sprite. Here is my example.

You need to add the pen blocks to get the stamp. You could have more than one sprite. I’ve used lots of randoms. I am sure you can make something more interesting. (Add a sound).

You can see inside my project. Or watch a video of me making another project like this one.

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