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In  Primary 7 we have been learning all about Scots Language. We have learned the meaning of words like ‘stramash’ and ‘bairn’ and it has been really interesting! It’s sad to think that Scots might not be remembered as a language in the future because not everyone knows about it. It’s a really important language and it is our Scottish culture and heritage. Some people think it is slang but it is actually a language just like French or Italian.

We have made a Scots ABC Picture Dictionary with words that we have enjoyed learning about to help teach others about Scots words. Everyone was allocated a letter from the alphabet and then made a little poster with their chosen Scots word and a picture of something that represents it.



We were inspired by a really informative and fun website called Scots Hoose. It has loads of great ideas for learning about Scots Language. It helps you get better at writing and reading Scots because it’s not really that hard, you just think about the words you use everyday!

scots hoose

We also have tried one of the activities which is writing poems in Scots. We chose an object to write about like an ipad, dog or even a football team!

Scots (8) Scots (9) Scots (10) Scots (11) Scots (12)

Everyone has had great fun learning all about Scots, and we hope it will be a known language for years to come 🙂 Look at our Discussion Directors ‘Responsible Scots’ page by clicking here to see more about our thoughts on Scots Language.

By Dionne 🙂

4 thoughts on “Scots Language Learning”

  1. I really like your Scots Word Wall I tweet a word each day and today Friday 13th it was bield
    ‘Better a wee bush than nae bield’
    Bield means shelter and this saying is from Burns Federation
    Well done Keep up using the Scots.

  2. Excellent work P7! We were learning about Scots language too, we were getting into a bit of a fankle trying to work out what they meant! My heid was loupin!

    Mrs Campbell, Moorfoot Primary

  3. Dionne – what an excellent post! I am glad you are learning and using Scots. The website Scots Hoose is excellent and it really helped us get started with great activities we could all take part in!

  4. Dionne,
    You are a great blogger. This is a super post. You give us an overview of why Scots is important, some information about the language and them some lovely poems.

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