Qualities of a good friend…

To have a good friend is to be a good friend!

What qualities do you think you need to be a good friend?  friendship 2

What is important to you? Should you be caring, helpful, patient or be good at making others laugh? Is it ok to treat others differently online than you do in the real world?  Write your response below!

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30 thoughts on “Qualities of a good friend…”

  1. I think to be a good friend you need to understand how the other person is feeling. Some of the qualities to being a good friend are patience because your friend might be frustrating you. You also need to be kind because if your rude the other person might not like you. As well as the other qualities I have said I think the most important one is loyalty because in my opinion if someone goes on to a new bunch of friend and forgets you they were never a good friend at first.

  2. I think to have good friends is to be a good friend, that is the best way, as if you treat them well, then they will treat you well back! I think that you only have a good friend if they help you with stuff and are kind to you.

  3. Andrew I totally agree. Understanding how someone else is feeling is really important in a friendship and sometimes it’s not easy! Ally I think you are right. Treat other people the way you would like to be treated!

  4. I think that to be a good friend you must trust each other and be able to tell each other secrets that you don’t want eveyone to know. I also feel that it is not ok to treat people differently online because they might take offense to something you say even though none was meant. This is because you can not tell the other persons facial expression or tone of voice when you cannot see them.

  5. This is very true,Jamie! Words can be taken out of context and I think you are wise to point out that it can be offensive even when unintentional. I know that you have lots of friends who trust you in school….as well as members of staff.

  6. I think that to get a good friend you need to be a good friend, and everyone should know that. Friends can share things that nobody else knows about, but when an argument breaks out between the friends, they can sometimes use the secrets against each other and that can lead others into taking sides. This tends to happen a lot online because people don’t recognise there tone of voice and they can take your comment in the wrong way so think before you send. There are many qualities in friendships and sometimes its hard to keep up all off them but most of the time friendships are fun and everyone should have fun in a friendship! 😉

  7. To be a good friend you have to be understanding, caring and know how the other person is feeling. I wouldn’t be in this school if it wasn’t for my friend Rebecca, who takes me to and from school every day. To have a good friend is to be a good friend. most friendships last forever. To be a good friend you need to trust each other and help each other. 🙂

  8. A good friend needs to be caring. They need to show respect for the person they are befriending such as my friends are nice to me on many occasions such as when I’m upset about something they cheer me up. Another quality for a good friend is to be loyal as when you ditch your first friend and the new person that you are trying to be friends with is mean the original person might have stopped liking you and doesn’t want to be friends with you anymore. Another thing is acceptance of their faults. It would be not nice to think people don’t want to be friends with you because you are different to them. This is intolerant and is not showing you are a good friend. Although there is many more, the last thing I want to say about is trust. It is important as you need to be able to trust your friend and if you can’t then maybe they are not the right friend for you. My friends always show these qualities and I think that is why we get on so well.

  9. I think to have a good friend is to be a good friend. You need to be caring, trustworthy, honest, kind, makes them happy to be around you, helpful everyone makes mistakes, understanding ect..
    Bullies behind keyboards are still bullies. Sometimes a message could turn out more hurtful than you meant it and because they can’t see what tone your saying it in they could think ur being mean. Treat others the way you want to be treated, no it’s not okay to treat others differently online than in the real world.
    Everyone deserves a good friend!

  10. To have a good friend is to be a good friend. Friends should be able to keep secrets that you don’t want anybody knowing about accept them. Friends is an important word because it means that you have a good companionship with each other. You need to know what it takes to be a good friend, you have to have qualities like kindness, care, patience and loyalty.A lot of people can fall out over stupid things like putting the same pictures up online, thinking that the might not be your friend in high school if that happens you should just be the bigger person and ignore it.

  11. To be a good friend you have to be caring towards others because no one wants to be around someone who isn’t nice to their classmates. You also need to be understanding towards people who may be having a bad day and have lashed out without thinking. Although to me the most important quality is to be a loyal friend and not forgetting about each other. You also need to be very careful what you say online as you cannot tell other people’s expression meaning it could hurt others in a way you wouldn’t mean to and it could break a lot of friendships.

  12. Lucy and Hannah, you have great responses. When things are said online or over text message, it can be easy to misunderstand the meaning behind it. Lucy you make an important point about falling out over things like pictures online – don’t sweat the small stuff! Martin, trust is a really important quality to have in a friendship, well done.

  13. I think the qualities of a good friend should be thoughtful, caring, helpful, ready to listen and always be there for everyone. It is important to me that that friends are loyal, honest and there for me. It’s not nice to treat people online differently because it’s still hurtful also others can always see it and may join in. Anonymous users can cyber bully you but it’s more helpful because you don’t know who is doing the mean comments.

  14. If you want a good Friend you have to be a good friend to them, and if there not a good friend back. They dont deserve your friendship.Its also important not to be mean or nasty on the internet, and if you see anyone mean and nasty on the internet then you should report them.Especially if your friend is being cyber bullied then you should always be there for them and they will be there for you if you get cyber bullied.

  15. Being a good friend is to be understanding and nice to them. Friends will treat you the way they want to be treated and to have good friends is to be s good friend. You should be thoughtful and respect them so that they will help you back.

  16. You need a lot of good qualities to be a good friend I think my self you need to be patient ,caring, responsible and don’t keep secrets from your friends.

  17. Being a good friend is understanding your friends problems. Also being a good friend is not calling your friend names and hitting them. You also need to respect them the way you want to be respected.

  18. I personally think that being a good friend is the best way to be friends and like Ahil said you don’t deserve a friendship if you are mean or nasty in person or on the internet. Also you need to think about some jokes are just offensive or aren’t taken to far.

  19. I think that having friends is really important! A friend is a person that respects you for who you are, someone that’s honest and doesn’t share personal information and someone that looks out for you and supports you. I think that people should not treat people differently on line, quite a lot of people fall out online but you need to remember you treat a friend the way you want them to treat you. I think good friends should know a lot about you like how to make you laugh and what things you like to do for fun because a friendship isn’t really a good friendship with out fun and laughter 🙂

  20. I think to have or to be a good friend you have to be caring, loyal , honest and trustworthy if you show these qualities I think your friendship will last a long time.The main thing is always accept your friend for he or she is.This is what being a good friend is about caring for each other even when you know your both full of flaws

  21. I think to be a good friend you need to be caring, honest and trustworthy and if you show these qualities your friendship will last for a lot longer. You also have to respect the other person and don’t be mean or nasty to them online or in person. You also have to be there for them if there not feeling well or having a bad day.

  22. I think to be a good friend is trust them to tell them things that you could only tell someone you trusted.You need to be kind to them and udersand when things get to far.to treat them like you wanted to be treated. allways stick up for your friend in arguments dont back out at the most embarrassing moments and they shall do the same.

  23. I think to be a good friend you have to understand the other persons feelings. There might be a fight over not being in someone’s bionnsomethimes there is not anough space. At least you are still there friend.

  24. Friendship is really important. It is crucial to always be kind and friendly to others, on the Internet and face to face. People will treat you the way you treat them and to have a friend is to be one. Personally, I feel that kindness is the most important quality of all, and it definitely gains you friends☺️

  25. I think to be a good friend is to be caring honest and trusting and funny they should be good fun to be around

  26. I like all my Friends as they have a lot in common with me they make me laugh, they are kind to me they believe in me and they love me as a friend. I also think I am a good friend to a lot of people.

  27. I think a good friend should be honest and have a good sense of humour. You also need to be able trust them with stuff . so they don’t steal it or they don’t tell people stuff you’ve said if you don’t want anyone to know.

  28. I think a good friend should be nice to you. They should also share interests like football and xbox. You should be able to tell them stuff without any one knowing. I also think its important to have friends to help you all the time.

  29. I think being a great friend to others is really important. Even if sometimes people annoy you, you should always show them respect and be friendly to them. If you are not nice to others, you will struggle in high school to make friends because who wants a cheeky friend? you should be there for your friend when they are sad, unwell or having a bad day. Everyone has different opinions to, so respect their opinions and feelings about things too! 🙂

  30. you need to be kind to one another and not upset your friend. If they are upset you need to try and make them happy don’t try and make them sad. You need to know how they are feeling sad, happy or nervous and you should be nice to them and they will be nice back.

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