Why Read?

It’s World Book Day on Thursday 5th so let’s talk about reading!

People read for all different reasons. Some for learning new things, some for finding out information and some for enjoyment. Reading helps widen our vocabulary, structure our sentences and develop our imagination.

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Do you read stories, information books or magazines?Β Β Through reading we learn new words, realise that punctuation makes a difference and how to form our writing.

What do you read and why?Β Why do you think reading important?read

23 thoughts on “Why Read?”

  1. I quite like books, but my favourite kind has to be YouTubers biography’s or stories that they have written. Reading helps us develop our literacy and writing skills , but the thing I like most about reading is that it makes our imagination bigger!! Reading can also help us with our blog too, take Zoe Sugg’s girl online for example –
    “I’ve decided to start a blog.

    This blog.

    Why, you might ask?

    You know when you shake a Coke can and then you open it and it explodes everywhere? Well, that’s how I feel right now. I have so many things I want to say fizzing up inside of me, but I don’t have the confidence to say them out loud.”

    Anyone that doesn’t read books, why not try online to find like a comic or magazine that you like??

  2. I enjoy reading fiction books where the stories help my imagination and I like non-fiction books too, especially football ones. You get lots of different books and you learn different things from each one. For example if you want to get better at baking then you would read a recipe book and if you want to learn more about countries you would look at an atlas. I feel that reading helps you become smarter because all the punctuation and spelling has to be checked before the book is published. All the different ideas in stories help our imaginations grow. After our discussion I have been enthused to read new types of books such as biographies.

  3. I agree with Jamie, books definitely spring your imagination into thinking of great ideas. Books make you better at reading and help you with lots of things in life that include reading. Like my Xbox one! Although I like to read comics more than books as it looks cool. When I’m doing writing in school, sometimes I use those characters or ideas to help me get better. Today me Martin, Abbie, Hazel and Jack M all wrote a few chapters for a online story and I used some of those ideas to help me with it. I hope that people agree with me and that you like comics too!! Thanks.

  4. Reading comes in handy. You can use it for loads of different things e.g finding information, useful for high school, projects and loads more, I like all sorts of books but mostly fiction. It’s sometimes fun for me to write my own stories to improve my reading and writing skills! Why read? Because it helps you in the future which is why it’s sooo important. I defenetly agree with Dionne that it improves on your literacy skills πŸ™‚
    There can’t be anyone that dosent like reading they might be lying about it or don’t realise your doing it, for example the boys like reading “Fifa 15” and “gta” magazines that’s reading, right?? Reading also helps you with punctuation as soon as I started to read more and more my punctuation became better and better! I hope you all see my point of view on why it’s important to read! πŸ™‚

  5. Reading a book is like playing sports for me. Different books can be can be really fun to read because if you don’t know what its about then it can be really exciting. I prefer reading books about slavery and communism, but I like reading about anything like George eliot said you should never judge a book by it’s cover.

  6. I agree with Jamie about reading non-fiction books. It is where I get information without having to go on to the internet which is not always an accurate source for learning. I also enjoy reading fiction books as well. In non-fiction books it is difficult to get into the story as it is real whereas in fiction book you get really delve deeper into it. My favourite books at the moment are Match and Match of the Day annuals. I also go onto Wikipedia and read off there because if you type in football lots of different things come up like association football, American football, Aussie rules football, Rugby Football, Gaelic Football which you can all click on and it can take you lots of places like on American football you could end up on the Italian language by clicking 10 things. I find that brilliant. I feel that reading really helps us to become smarter and I really enjoy it!

  7. You should read because it makes you smarter and it will help you read and write. Also you will learn more like the saying the more you learn the more you earn. Fictional books will make your imagination go wild, but nonfictional books will make you smarter and will help your general knowledge.

  8. I normally like to read information books such as Guinness book of records, football magazines and other information books. I liked to read these kind of books because it gives you facts and information about things I am interested in. I think reading helps me become more knowledgable because I learn new words, Better punctuation and great vocabulary. I agree with everyone that reading makes you smarter and helps you through life.

  9. I love reading, i find that helps expand your imagination and allows you come up with creative ideas! We dont just read from books we also read of the internet like your reading this comment now. The books i like are misory books, you really need to find the right book before you get into reading. I think reading is important because it helps you improve spelling, punctuation and loads of other skills. i recomend the book best friends, its about two girls that are really good friends but one is moving away to scotland so they both run away want to find out more check out the book!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  10. Reading helps with your imagination and if you read a book everyday you will become really smart. “The more you learn the more you earn,” This quote is very inspirational because it tells you if you read which isn’t reading books it can just be reading information or reading poetry or something,that will improve you skills. I think that my favourite type of books are comic books because comics really opens up you imagination and you can think more about things you have learned but are fictional. My favourite type are marvel because I enjoy going to see the movies and enjoy reading the books.

  11. I agree with freya I love reading all types of books, especially fiction as it opens up a whole new world where anything is possible! Reading also helps with our punctuation and spelling, imagine reading a book with no commas, full-stops. As well as this what if every word had a mistake it would make us doubt our own spelling! Books help us forward our own learning through reading and writing.

  12. I like reading magazines and informative books. I think reading can help a lot with your personal knowledge and your reading skill if you read loads of books, magazines and newspapers you will be quite good at reading witch is a skill you can use at high school and whenever you have to read

  13. I think reading makes you smarter but I like movies etc. better but I think its not just books you should read you should also read information online, games and magazines I also think it helps us with writing in school. The more you learn the more you earn.

  14. I think Intelligent people read, Its not just interesting but its also good for your vocabulary. Whenever your bored if you read, time flies really quickly. There is a variety of books to read and lots of genres as well.

  15. I don’t really read that much but I like to read the newspaper, hair magazines and the Internet. Reading is important in life because what ever job you get later on you need to read. So never give up on reading

  16. I love reading if it’s a good book. Some people think they don’t like reading, but there are so many different types of books that it’s impossible not to like it!! They simply haven’t found the right book for them.
    Why read? Reading is great for all sorts of things, for a start, if we couldn’t read we wouldn’t be able to read instructions, maps, leaflets, posters or billboards! And lots more everyday things too. So reading isn’t just for our leisure.
    However, personally, I like fiction books the best. My favourite genres are mystery, action and adventure stories like The Hunger Games. Or more realistically styled stories about people lives like The Fault In Our Stars. I love fiction because it opens up a whole new world keeps your imagination flowing.

  17. I like reading because it helps me learn and helps me understand words better. I like to watch movies and play xbox games but i know it is better to read.

  18. I don’t really like reading books but I read them juring class when we are told to read them it is good for your brain and it helps you with your spelling. My mum really likes reading she reads every night going to bed but I am the opposite I don’t.

  19. Hi p7 it is Rosemary, Heathers mum, as Heather said I am really into reading, I read every night when I go to my bed whether that is a magazine, book or on my kindle. If I am waiting on Heather after school, guides and anything else I would read my book in the car. Heathers right it does help you with your spelling. I think personally that Heather should read more because it helps with your imagination as well.

  20. Reading helps us all to become smarter as we learn more things and imagine more things too. It is easy to get lost in a good book. I like to read just before I go to bed as it helps you to sleep and it also gives you something to dream about. Books can be brought or borrowed from a library, stores and more. If you want to know something read a book or if you simply just wanna read then pick up a book because, who knows? πŸ™‚

  21. You would read for knowledge and the fun of it. People read to be smarter sometimes people read if there board . I read when I am board and if I am at school.

  22. I dont read much. I only read at school but I know if I never learned to read I would have bad punctuation. I read books in groups in p1, p2, p3 and p4. In p7 we get personal reading time so really I wouldn’t be that smart without reading.

  23. I LOVE to read books, I especially like reading Fiction books (made up books!) So I think that everyone should defiantly read because it helps you with your skills like your writing skills. Or you could read for the entertainment that’s another reason why I read!
    Hazel πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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