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P7 Ardentinny Trip 2015

This week P7 have been on their residential trip to Ardentinny with Moorfoot Primary as part of our transition to High School.

Watch the video below to see some raft building and sinking!

Click here to see the pictures in our Ardentinny gallery!


Watching the Solar Eclipse

Today we were learning about the Solar Eclipse. A Solar eclipse is really rare and next time I might see one is when I’m well over 40! Watching the eclipse this morning was AMAZING! It was interesting to find out that in ancient Chinese history, they thought that an eclipse was a dragon eating the sun because eclipse in Chinese is ‘shi’ which means ‘to eat’. We all used our home-made objects to reflect, see and watch the moon as it passed over the sun. We knew we couldn’t look directly at it so we used things to watch it safely. Anton had a special box to look into, it wasn’t so successful but looked really cool! David had a rectangle of black glass which he put over his eyes. This worked really well because you could really see the shape the eclipse was making. It was good because David managed to use it to watch the eclipse safely without hurting his eyes. We all had a turn too, including Mrs Hunter, Mr Sinclair and Miss McCready! Alana and I had two pieces of white paper with a pinhole in the middle of one which reflected the light and allowed us to see the shadow of the sun. The sky slowly got darker as the moon moved in front of the sun and it went really cold. We all really enjoyed watching and learning about an eclipse and hope that we see one again. By Rebecca

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Cracking the Easter code!

Today we visited our local church old Gourock and Ashton. Our minister David taught us all about Easter and had prepared some fun activities for us. Firstly we played a “who wants to be a millionaire” game all about the history of Easter eggs. We found out how many Easter eggs were made in a year which was around 300,000!

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The most expensive Easter egg ever made was £50,000! The winning team collected 13 plastic eggs in their bucket and received a prize at the end. We then split into groups and had 5 different stations to investigate. At each station you had to find a word beginning with “s” to crack the Easter code and find out about holy week.


  • At station number 1 we found out all about the Jews and their special dinner, we also got to try some of the food that they eat but most importantly we found out the word beginning with “s” and it was sharing.
  • At station number 2, David let us take part in a drama scene of Jesus seeking to be heard.
  • At station number 3 we learned all about serving and as an example of this we washed each others feet because that’s what Jesus did to his disciples and the word beginning with “s” was seeking.
  • At station  number 4 we designed our own crosses by scratching special card to make it colourful, this station was all about sacrifice because Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross.
  • The last station was station 5 where we watched a short clip on Jesus going into the garden to pray. The “s” word was struggling because his whole life he knew that he was going to die.


After we had finished these activities we heard a drama scene about Jesus rising from his tomb. We all then got a cross to write our feelings and reactions about what we would have done if we saw that happening. We all learned that the Easter story is more interesting than we all first thought. It was good to learn in a small group as well as a class. I feel that I could now share my learning with others that don’t know about the Easter story. Now when it comes to Easter I wont just think about the chocolate that I get I will think about the story of Jesus! Click here for a link to their website.

Snow Portraits and Sculptures #Gilbertt

On Friday it was snowing so we decided to go outside and do some art. We split into groups and designed either a snow portrait or snow sculpture. We created Gilbertt (with two ‘t’s) the snowman and his son Gilbertt jr. Some people went and got snow by using the cones to collect snow and used it as a shovel, we all worked together to make him. He was protected by some snow walls with twigs on them that we found in the playground, it looked good. Dionne built a snow dog because that’s her favourite animal. Andrew and Martin made a puny imposter Gilbertt that was found melted and never to be seen again. Hazel and Rebecca also created a snowman called Henry and hid him in petal gardens to keep him safe! Rachael managed to draw a portrait of Robert Burns with a pencil, it looked just like him! Gilbertt made it until the end of the day and then sadly someone decapitated him, we were all sad and wrote some speeches. It was fun trying to play sports in the snow. It was difficult trying to hit a snowball with a racquet! We all really enjoyed being outside, it was a bit cold but fun to do something different. Written by Aidan and David P7.

Super Skiing!

Hello everyone, Hazel here, blogging for Primary 7! Last week was our very first week of skiing. We travelled to Bearsden ski centre after school. We all felt excited and nervous because this was the first time for most people. It was a challenge to work out how to put our boots on but we helped each other and the instructors helped too. We had to practice walking in our boots because it felt like moonwalking! We had to jump, hop and run to get used to our boots. Another thing we practiced travelling with one ski on. It was really important that we listened to our instructor because if we didn’t follow instructions we would get a step wrong. As well as using our listening skills we had to work with each other to make sure we were properly spaced out and didn’t crash into each other. Last of all we got both skis on and slid down little slopes. Carefully we made sure that our body was in the middle of our skis and we didn’t lean forwards or backwards too much. I felt really proud of myself for trying a new sport and we are all excited for next lesson. We will keep you updated!

A Very Victorian Fairtrade Cafe!

To complete our learning on the Victorians, we organised a Victorian themed Fairtrade Cafe for our school community. In preparation for our cafe, we each worked in co-operative groups to investigate a different area of the Victorian era. Groups researched areas such as Victorian education, famous Victorians and inventors, rich and poor lifestyles and jobs for example, chimney sweeps, servants and working down in the mines. We prepared to showcase our learning by delegating tasks. As a group, we decided who would create the powerpoint, design games for our visitors to play and who would dress as a Victorian for the day! Alongside this, we also had to plan for the running of our cafe. We split into groups to work on a homebaking stall, serving the tea and coffee, selling Fairtrade Christmas products and raise awareness of Fairtrade by talking to our visitors to the cafe. Our P7 Fairtrade group members headed up each group and kept things running smoothly. Have a look at some of our pictures below to see how we got on!


This term, we have been lucky enough to try Curling.  Inspired by our success at the Commonwealth games, every Thursday we have been going to the Waterfront to meet our instructors. It took us a while to get used to walking on the ice in our trainers instead of wearing ice skates! We have learned lots of techniques including sliding the stone and sweeping the ice in the path of the stone. Playing an actual game of curling isn’t easy and it was difficult to get the stone into the ‘house’.

Our Victorian Adventure!

P7 recently visited Scotland Street School to link in with our learning about the Victorian Era and children’s rights in class. We turned back the clock, dressed as Victorian school children and took part in a lesson. The teacher was really strict and we were all a little nervous in case we ended up getting the belt or becoming the class dunce! Children would never be treated in that way now because we have children’s rights to protect us. We had to chant our times tables over and over again (which we all thought it was a little boring!) and then stand when the teacher asked us a times table question from the ‘clock face’. Writing on slate was not easy and it was difficult to keep up with the mental maths questions. Finally we had to write the alphabet using a pen and inkwell. We had to blot the paper when we used too much ink! At the end of our lesson we took part in ‘drill’ which is kind of like P.E but just standing on the spot, not at all like we have nowadays. It’s safe to say…we were not impressed! When the ‘2014’ bell rang, the teacher came out of character and talked to us about the differences between school in the Victorian era and school now, funnily enough, most of us preferred school now. David volunteered to try on the dunce hat and we all had a good laugh, including David! What a fantastic trip!