Super Skiing!

Hello everyone, Hazel here, blogging for Primary 7! Last week was our very first week of skiing. We travelled to Bearsden ski centre after school. We all felt excited and nervous because this was the first time for most people. It was a challenge to work out how to put our boots on but we helped each other and the instructors helped too. We had to practice walking in our boots because it felt like moonwalking! We had to jump, hop and run to get used to our boots. Another thing we practiced travelling with one ski on. It was really important that we listened to our instructor because if we didn’t follow instructions we would get a step wrong. As well as using our listening skills we had to work with each other to make sure we were properly spaced out and didn’t crash into each other. Last of all we got both skis on and slid down little slopes. Carefully we made sure that our body was in the middle of our skis and we didn’t lean forwards or backwards too much. I felt really proud of myself for trying a new sport and we are all excited for next lesson. We will keep you updated!

5 thoughts on “Super Skiing!”

  1. Great post Hazel, I really enjoyed Skiing too! It was hard to walk in the boots. Next week I will be more confident especially because I didn’t fall.

  2. I loved skiing too, it was so fun and I think I need to work on my side stepping, I found it a little hard and want to do a bit better next time 🙂 Next week I really hope we get to use those things that lift you up to the top, they look so fun and it would be much easier to get up the big hill 😉 I think I am getting more and more confident each week of skiing and I think I might take up skiing as a hobby!!!!!!!

  3. Freya and Heather I think you are doing really well! Skiing is really difficult to get the hang of at first! I would like to try the ski lift thing too but I am a little nervous. I agree with you Freya, I might take it up as a hobby too!

  4. Skiing was great I enjoyed it so much and hope we learn new, more challenging things next week, although I really need to work on my side-stepping so I don’t slide down the hill. 🙂

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