Watching the Solar Eclipse

Today we were learning about the Solar Eclipse. A Solar eclipse is really rare and next time I might see one is when I’m well over 40! Watching the eclipse this morning was AMAZING! It was interesting to find out that in ancient Chinese history, they thought that an eclipse was a dragon eating the sun because eclipse in Chinese is ‘shi’ which means ‘to eat’. We all used our home-made objects to reflect, see and watch the moon as it passed over the sun. We knew we couldn’t look directly at it so we used things to watch it safely. Anton had a special box to look into, it wasn’t so successful but looked really cool! David had a rectangle of black glass which he put over his eyes. This worked really well because you could really see the shape the eclipse was making. It was good because David managed to use it to watch the eclipse safely without hurting his eyes. We all had a turn too, including Mrs Hunter, Mr Sinclair and Miss McCready! Alana and I had two pieces of white paper with a pinhole in the middle of one which reflected the light and allowed us to see the shadow of the sun. The sky slowly got darker as the moon moved in front of the sun and it went really cold. We all really enjoyed watching and learning about an eclipse and hope that we see one again. By Rebecca

IMG_8919 IMG_8920 IMG_8924 IMG_8927 IMG_8929 IMG_8930 IMG_8931 IMG_8932 IMG_8933

2 thoughts on “Watching the Solar Eclipse”

  1. An excellent post Rebecca. I am glad you enjoyed watching the eclipse – I LOVED it! All the home-made devices worked really well, apart from poor Anton’s 😛

  2. Brilliant post, I can sense the excitement. Great that you made your own viewers.
    I spent half an hour wandering round the street here. Great photos, I love number 4 which shows the excitement really well.

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