Bootcamp Photo Challenge

This week Mrs Hunter chose a group of us who were good at photography to take part in the blogging bootcamp challenge. For the challenge we had to take some interesting photos from a list of criteria. One of the things we had to do was research forced perspective which was really cool! We tried things out like classroom tilt, stand on each others hands and get picked up by the head. It was difficult because it took a while to get it right and it was a lot shouting different instructions. It was easy to find something yellow because we had a lot of daffodils in our school grounds. It was fun jumping off the wall and Abbie and Lucy to take the photo at the right time. The girls went into the toilet to find a mirror and took a selfie! The odd things were Abbie and Lucy’s both right foot. Some of the things we tried did not work so we had to think creatively about how to do it.  We really enjoyed working on this task and learned things like keeping our elbows in, standing still with steady hands and getting the picture in the frame well. We feel we developed our photography skills and new ways to take photos using the camera. The photos that have been uploaded by ourselves by adding a gallery and captions for our photos.

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