P7 Responsibilities

In P7 we are developing our skills for learning, life and work through working in a group and being part of a team.

In P7, the groups we have are:

  • Fairtrade
  • Rights Action Group
  • JRSO
  • Eco
  • Funky 5 + 2
  • House Captains
  • Sports Leaders
  • Literacy Group
  • Prefects

We have lots of responsibilities within the class and the school. During group time, we get together and look at the tasks we have to complete. It is vital that we communicate with each other and share our thoughts and ideas to help develop our skills. For example:

Hazel feels she has developed her maths by having to total the Funky 5 points each week to find out what class has won the trophy.

Abbi thinks that she has developed her confidence through presenting at assemblies to a variety of audiences about children’s rights.

What skills do you feel you are developing this year through working in your group?

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20 thoughts on “P7 Responsibilities”

  1. I feel being in the literacy group has helped my creativity skills as I have to think of catchy headlines. Another skill I have improved on is confidence as we have to stand up and interview the classes. I enjoy being in the literacy group as we get to put a creative and sensible side into it as it has to be enjoyable to read and also has enough information.

  2. This year I feel I have been developing my teamwork skills as we have been working in groups a lot of the time this year. In P6 I realised I had to improve my teamwork skills as I found it hard to work in a group but I have became more successful at working in a group. This has helped me enjoy the literacy group as I now find it easier to work with other people in my class. I have also worked with other people when fulfilling Prefect duties.

  3. As part of the fairtrade group, this year I having been improving on confidence through presenting in assemblies about the affects of fairtrade, as well as sharing my ideas during our monthly meetings.
    I have also improved on my time-keeping skills after setting certain dates for things to be finished and balancing this along with after-school commitments and homework.

  4. This year in the literacy group I am improving on my teamwork skills because like Martin said we have been working in groups allot. We also have to work on our writing skills as we have to think of good titles and ways to describe what our interview class has been learning about.

  5. This year I feel I have been improving in confidence because I am a house captain. last year when I stood up at assembly to say the house points I was nervous but now I am confident to say it. Also I have improved on my maths because when i do fairtrade counting the money and buying the right things for our fairtade tuck shop.

  6. Having Responsibilities can be hard work but its good because your taking an opportunity to have that responsibility . I am in the literacy group and the Eco group. There is quite a lot of people in the literacy group, however in the Eco group its only me , Ally, Hannah, Rebecca , but there is people in the Eco group from other classes. In the Literacy group you have to write a newspaper I write P7’s newspaper with Aidan.

  7. I feel that my confidence has grown from standing up at assembly to announce the house points, interviewing the classes for the newspaper, speaking to parents at Parents Evening and going round the classrooms to count the house points. Counting up the points has also improved my maths skills slightly. Being in the literacy group has helped my creativity because we have to come up with catchy headlines for the newspaper. I also feel that producing the newspaper has increased my vocabulary and improved my punctuation.

  8. i’m in the funky five as Top Tomato. And i think i have more confidence than i did before. Every two weeks i go up infront of the whole school to announce points and Healthy star. We encourage healthy eating and good manners through the school.

  9. I am in the Literacy group and the Eco group and I think that they are fun to work in as in the Literacy group we tidy the library and together, [with a little help from our teacher] we decide what the whole school will do for world book day and other important events that involve us, [the literacy group]. My next group is the Eco group which me, Hannah, Ally, and Ahil are all in. There are other people from different classes too who are also in the group. I enjoy being in the Eco group as we take out the bins, put up bird feeders and much more to insure that the school keeps our green flag. 😉

  10. I am a member of the a Funky five + 2 group. I feel that the funky five has improved my own confidence within the school, as i used to be nervous about going up to the front in assembly although now that i have been presenting the points for the past year, i no longer feel ” Nervous”, at all. I’m also part of the “ECO”, group which has taught me to recycle more in and out of school. Im even telling my mum to put the plastic bottles in the blue bin instead of the normal, bin. This makes me think more about the environment and the world! Which is a very good skill to have in the 21st century, as we have to protect the planet we live on.

  11. As a house captain you need to show the skills that you have. You need to be role models for the school and make sure everyone is showing their school values. We count the house points every week which shows that we are committed and consistent. It is not easy to become a house captain because you need to convice the pupils of your abilities.

  12. I am In the funky five and every two weeks I go up at assembly and announce the winning class or the other things. Funky five is important to the little ones. I think all of the younger ones like us. I am Shaken Strawberry.

  13. Im in funky five and i enjoy encouraging the little kids eat healthily and teach them the characters! there is 7 characters in funky five and mine is boogie banana! My favourite part of funky five is going around the lunch hall and giving out stickers the kids love it 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. I enjoy being in the Fairtrade group .Its really fun in order to keep our Fairtrade status we run termly Fairtrade cafes, tuck shops, snack chart points and Fairtrade homework tasks to make sure everyone gets a chance to be involved. I feel that being in the Fairtrade group as helped my numeracy skills I enjoy working as team!

  15. I love my responsibility as a funky 5+2 it gives me something to do at lunchtime because sometimes it gets quite boring in the playground! I am crazy cucumber and I love being that character! Make sure you go on to the funky 5+2 blog and check it out!
    Hazel 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. i am in the rights group and the pupil council.in the rights group he try make sure children get there rights.in the pupil council we have meeting an try help the school every way possible.

  17. I am in the literacy and about a week ago we done world book day everyone had to dress up as their favourite book character and next we are doing world poetry day. And basically we are organising activates for classes to do. And on world book day we made £200.

  18. I am a prefect and I have the responsibilities to look after the younger one’s in cause they hurt there self and I have to help them .

  19. I am in the Literacy group. Every term we all go round to the class we do newspapers for and interview them for a new newspaper, we find out stuff they have been doing that term. Alana and I interview Primary 1a. We had to organise world book day this year, so a few weeks ago everyone had to dress up as their favourite book character and bring a £1 for book aid international.

  20. I am a sports leader. Being a sports leader you have to organise teams for sport such as, football, basket ball and all different sports. I also need to be fair when making teams or decisions. I really enjoy being a sports leader.

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