Our New Rights Charters!

Recently, the Rights Action group got together to make a playtime and lunchtime charter to make sure we are safe and happy in school. We looked at the UNCRC and decided on rights that meant most to us at playtime and lunchtime. Our charters got sent to a special sign maker to get made into big boards for the playground and gym hall. We are now going to get them up all around the school so pupils know their rights and how they can help others get their rights too. We had to be confident and present to the whole school at assembly to tell them about the rights charters and why we have them. The letters of the word RESPECT have been cut out and today we got all pupils in the school to sign their names on each letter so that they are in agreement to uphold these rights. Everyone got a band that said ‘we care, we listen, we act’. You might have seen the billboard posters about Inverclyde with the new campaign supporting children’s rights. By Lucy F

Here are the posters.

we caew we care

Here are pupils signing the letters.

IMG_8939 IMG_8942 IMG_8944 IMG_8946 IMG_8947 IMG_8948 IMG_8949 IMG_8950 IMG_8952 IMG_8956 IMG_8957 IMG_8958

2 thoughts on “Our New Rights Charters!”

  1. Lucy, you are a great member of the RAG! I liked when you talked about being confident to present to the whole assembly. You were a natural at presenting! I am really lucky to have such a super group helping me to teach everyone about children’s rights.

  2. Hi Lucy,
    As Mrs Hunter says, she is lucky to have you!
    This is a great post, I love how you have used the featured image for a really nice picture.

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