Learning How to Code Using Scratch

Scratch is a computer animation and programming site and this term we have been learning to use it. We have had to learn how use code to make things move and how to make things called sprites, change. One of our tasks was to make a children’s rights game. Some people made their game like flappy bird or paddle and you had to collect wee icons and a right would pop up. The game is meant to help you learn your rights. I am good at Scratch and have been using it for a while now. I understand it really well so I had to go around helping everyone with their coding and make their game work. You had to be creative to come up with ideas to make your game interesting for people to play. Some people found it difficult to use code but everyone now knows how to make a basic game with controls now. I want to have a job in computer programming when I am older so I hope this will help me prepare for it.

Here are Nick and Aidan’s games

Scratch NickNick's gameAidan's game

This is Abbi’s game

4 thoughts on “Learning How to Code Using Scratch”

  1. I think scratch is really good because you get to make your own games and your own people. I also know that you are really good at scratch and you have helped me a lot. Aidan and nicks games also looked really good too.

  2. I really enjoyed making my scratch Rights game although I am not very good at it. When I did it I improved on my skills. We did it for our jobs in later life also Jack helped a lot.

  3. Jack you have been an asset to the class when using Scratch! You are always on hand to help your classmates – well done! Great post too btw 🙂

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