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Cracking the Easter code!

Today we visited our local church old Gourock and Ashton. Our minister David taught us all about Easter and had prepared some fun activities for us. Firstly we played a “who wants to be a millionaire” game all about the history of Easter eggs. We found out how many Easter eggs were made in a year which was around 300,000!

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The most expensive Easter egg ever made was £50,000! The winning team collected 13 plastic eggs in their bucket and received a prize at the end. We then split into groups and had 5 different stations to investigate. At each station you had to find a word beginning with “s” to crack the Easter code and find out about holy week.


  • At station number 1 we found out all about the Jews and their special dinner, we also got to try some of the food that they eat but most importantly we found out the word beginning with “s” and it was sharing.
  • At station number 2, David let us take part in a drama scene of Jesus seeking to be heard.
  • At station number 3 we learned all about serving and as an example of this we washed each others feet because that’s what Jesus did to his disciples and the word beginning with “s” was seeking.
  • At station  number 4 we designed our own crosses by scratching special card to make it colourful, this station was all about sacrifice because Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross.
  • The last station was station 5 where we watched a short clip on Jesus going into the garden to pray. The “s” word was struggling because his whole life he knew that he was going to die.


After we had finished these activities we heard a drama scene about Jesus rising from his tomb. We all then got a cross to write our feelings and reactions about what we would have done if we saw that happening. We all learned that the Easter story is more interesting than we all first thought. It was good to learn in a small group as well as a class. I feel that I could now share my learning with others that don’t know about the Easter story. Now when it comes to Easter I wont just think about the chocolate that I get I will think about the story of Jesus! Click here for a link to their website.