A Picture of Learning in P7!

We think learning in P7 is all about having fun and working hard!

In P7 we love being creative in art and drama and spending time with our buddies in P1, helping them learn. Photos are a great way of capturing this. We also LOVE P.E and sports like Volleyball, Gymnastics, Athletics and Basketball and that doesn’t always involve writing things down so we need pictures of what we were doing to show what we know. It’s fun to work with classmates and learn from each other and we think photos tell you that. Seeing photos that Mrs Hunter has taken of us learning is always great because we can discuss what we were doing and remember our learning. We can also put them on our e-portfolio to share our learning journey with others! By Heather, P7.

Learning in Primary 7, Gourock Primary

7 thoughts on “A Picture of Learning in P7!”

  1. Great blog – love the pics, they gave me a great overview of all your learning activities. Well done all!

  2. Great photo, what a mix: army uniforms and a banana! Ice hockey & fencing, you guys have a diverse curriculum!

  3. Excellent post Heather! I love that you enjoy looking at the photos I take. I agree with you when you mention that lots of learning can be captured in a photo and that it doesn’t always have to be written down! We can all be really proud when we look back at the photos to see what we have achieved. 🙂

  4. Thanks Mrs hunter and thanks to everybody else who comment on p7’s blog. 🙂

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