Why Blog?

This is our first blog post for the blogging bootcamp by Abbie and Luke in Gourock Primary P7. In P7, we think that blogging is a good idea because it allows us to share our ideas with others, so they can be inspired by our ideas too.  Also, it allows us to reflect on, talk  about and share our learning with the world.  Blogging helps us become better writers because it is not just our teacher Mrs Hunter that gets to write on it, we write posts too! It is important to think about our sentences, like punctuation we are using and that what we say is public. We also have a homework task every week called ‘P7 Discussion Directors’, where we have to discuss a topic with our parents at home then be prepared to take part in a discussion in school. We have started commenting about this on our blog now too and we think this promotes using the internet in a positive way. Our class blog is also a diary of our journey through learning, we can look back through this in the future, and remember things that we are proud of, for example, our P7 Burns Supper and Athletics competitions. In conclusion, we feel that blogging is great for our learning and encourages us to use the internet for educational things as well as for our leisure! By Abbie and Luke


16 thoughts on “Why Blog?”

  1. Abbie & Luke,
    What a great post for your first one in the bootcamp. I love the idea that Mrs Hunter is not having to do all the work and you are getting to share too.

    You are away ahead of the bootcamp with a lovely looking blog header.
    I love blogging too!

  2. I’m having blog envy!
    Great blog P7! We recently had a Burns Lunch which we really enjoyed. Sounds like your Burns Supper was a great success.
    Well done!

  3. We are proud of Mrs Hunter and her fabulous class for producing such an interesting and informative blog. It is a little bit ( or maybe a big bit!) beyond my capabilities so I think I need to borrow one of your pupils Mrs Hunter!

  4. Well done Abbie and Luke! What a fab post! You can show us old teachers how to do it!

    Mrs Campbell at Moorfoot

  5. I am the Deputy Principal of a large primary school in Adelaide, South Australia and I will definitely be encouraging Yr7 students and teachers at our school to check out your class blog! Well done 🙂

  6. What a fabulous way to self reflect and record your learning journey. Really interesting blogs and I look forward to keeping up with all the news at GPS (And possibly steal some ideas!!)

  7. Wow! Thank you very much! Great to connect with schools from all over the world! If you managed to get some blogs set up – send us a link and we will comment on them.

  8. Well done p7 this is a fantastic blog, cant wait to get my p7’s blogging. You are very talented Mrs Hunter may be calling on you for help.

  9. P7 were all really excited to read all your comments today! Thank you for taking the time to comment! Mrs Thomson we are happy to help anytime 🙂 Mrs Anderson we will be posting to your blog! Thanks for the link!

  10. Hello P7!

    I’m a teacher in Melbourne, Australia.

    I really like your idea about having conversations with your parents at home and then blogging about it.

    Keep up the great work.

    Enjoy being “Awesome Authors”!

    From “Mr C”.

  11. Hi from Primary 6 and Miss Lymburn @ Wemyss Bay Primary!

    Thanks for checking out our new blog!

    We LOVE your blog and can’t wait to develop our own skills and learn more! What a great way to share ideas and learning

    Keep up to date with our learning each week through #bootcamp

    P6 & Miss L

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