P7 Burns Supper

This term we have been learning all about Robert Burns and his life, as well as Scots Language. We started to plan our annual Burns Supper; firstly we learned how to pronounce Scots words within our poems. As well as that, we translated some of burns most famous poems into English before writing our own poems in the style of ‘To A Mouse’ in English then translated to Scots using Scots dictionaries and previous knowledge.We then had to responsibility for our own learning by learning words, adding drama and writing scripts.

However before we started we had to set up the hall by;

  • Setting tables (cutlery, placemats, programs, tablet and shortbread)
  • Decorate hall (art and flowers )
  • Place water, Irn-bru and bread on the tables

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As well as setting up the table we also had to make programs, invitations and the table plan. The table plan was simple to write but incredibly important on the night. We had to show people to their seats and because of the table plan, we managed to start on time as everyone was in their seats chatting to the people in their table.

We also had to learn appropriate conversation and manners while at the table, for example, not pouring out your own drink first by offering all the adults before yourself as well as giving adults the basket of bread before yourself. The hardest thing to do was making sure everybody was happy with their night!

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One of the many lessons we learned was about teamwork, to us this was a really important lesson because we all knew that if only one person had set up the hall then we would never have been ready in time for our Burns night! The only reason it was ready was because we worked as a team and helped each other out.

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The highlight of the night and topic was probably the toast to the lassies and the reply. It was hilarious to listen and relate to what they were saying and although both toasts where amazing, the girls definitely won!!

IMG_8297 IMG_8296 IMG_8299 IMG_8291 IMG_8289 IMG_8288 IMG_8281 IMG_8278 IMG_8262

The Burns Supper was a great success and we all enjoyed it very much as we saw all our hard work and energy pay off!

By Hannah and Lucy D

6 thoughts on “P7 Burns Supper”

  1. I really enjoyed the burns supper loads. and I’m really happy we did it the way we did. We all tried really hard to set up and learn all of our parts, my favourite bit was when I played the drum for Auld Lang Sang as everyone thought that I was good. However I would like to give a great thanks to everyone that helped us set up especially Mrs Hunter. Thanks for the great food Jill and Hannah’s mum and I hope you really enjoyed our very own burns supper 2015. Thanks!!

  2. Yes the Burns Supper was great. Every one played their part as good as they could. The food was really amazing thanks to Jill. My favourite part was the Toast to the Lassies and the reply to the Lassies. It was very funny. The whole night went really well and luckily nobody made any mistakes! I enjoyed the night and i think that everyone who came enjoyed it too. It was a fantastic experience and i enjoyed learning Scots Language.

  3. The Burns supper was fun. I really enjoyed it the food was nice the best part for me was when I was up saying my poem but I was nervous.

  4. the burns supper was really fun. It was good trying haggis and the school soup and cake. It was nice I was a bit nervous to do my part but it was good as well. The boys and girls toast was all good.

  5. The Burns supper was brilliant , I really enjoyed the food , the poetry was performed well and the night as a whole was great fun! When it was me and Lukes turn to perform I was nervous but everyone said we did great.

  6. Your Burns Supper was superb! I think you are ready to produce a school show to remember after those performances.
    Well done everyone.

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