Communication Friendly Environments

We are here to help you adapt your environment to ensure it is communication friendly. There are lots of ways to do this. We will focus mainly on the use of visuals. Find us on twitter @SchoolsNlc

February 20, 2024
by Mrs Young

Excitement Hangover

We have all experienced that feeling of a crash after something exciting happening. It can be difficult to reconcile the drastic change in emotions and this can be confusing. It is important to explore these emotions and valid them.


Excitement Hangover

September 4, 2023
by Mrs Young

Friendship Ladder

This is one that we have been working on for quite a while (and will no doubt edit and improve it as time goes on) but we have created this to help explain the different levels of friendship. This ties in with many of our friendship resources you will find by using the search box. As ever, we will be adding to this resource with more in the upcoming weeks.

Friendship Ladder

August 28, 2023
by Mrs Young

Training Sessions For NQTs/RQTs

Hi Everyone!


As you may have seen from our Social Media pages, we are offering FREE training sessions to NQTs/RQTs (newly qualified teachers/recently qualified teachers) who have been unable to get long term employment due to the staffing situation that is affecting teachers across Scotland. We understand how out of the loop you may be feeling and how difficult it is to apply for jobs when you are limited in training opportunities. It really is a very difficult position for you all and we empathise. We really do hope that you are able to stick with it because it really is an incredible career with incredible young people!

We are asking that our wider community do NOT book a place on these courses. They will be offered at a later date but our priority just now is those who are NOT in long term employment to give them a more equal footing with those who have been fortunate in gaining long term employment.

We are limited in the number we can take on each session. All sessions will be online via Zoom.

Please use the comments below so that we can send the links to those teachers who wish to attend. In the comments please specify the Title and Date of Training Course you wish to attend.

Take care,

Frances, Moya and Lynne


Our first training session will be on Using Visuals from the Primary Perspective (including ASN) on the 7th of September starting around 8pm. Please note this is only available for NQTs/RQTs in Scotland.

January 17, 2023
by Mrs Young
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Maths: Distance Speed and Time

Teaching Distance, Speed and Time requires the learner to be able to remember the formulas. Many use the visual of a triangle. But for some learners they may remember a triangle but forget how to use the triangle. We have created a visual to support this. There are also visualised examples of distance, speed and time questions.

When using these resources with some learners, we cut them into sections to avoid overloading them, For other learners we would only use the first page and for others we would use them all. As always our visuals are intended to be used in the way best suited to the individual.

Distance Speed Time with examples

November 28, 2022
by Mrs Young


Studying can be tricky. It is difficult to learn to study and some people need to be actively taught how to study. Giving someone the chance to explore and experiment allows them the chance to find a way that works best for them.


September 12, 2022
by Mrs Young

Visual Explanations with examples.

Using visuals to explain anything, allows the explanation to be more inclusive and is more likely to be understood. Visuals should not be used to patronise but should be used to allow a clearer understanding.

Sometimes the understanding of visuals is that they are only for those who do not speak, or cannot read. This is not the case. Visuals are to support understanding. This means it may be appropriate to use more complex words. Visuals are processed faster in most brains than the written or verbal word- which is why so many road signs are visual. This is how we adapt communication to suit all. By having the written word alongside the visual picture.

movement breaks

what is a cough


September 6, 2022
by Mrs Young

We don’t always like everyone we meet.

We try hard to encourage young people to be kind and respectful towards others. For some young people, we also need to actively teach them that they will not like everyone they meet, and support them in developing the skills and strategies they need to cope with this as they get older. It is okay for someone to dislike another person but it is not okay for them to be disrespectful. We rightly try to encourage friendships, but it is just as important to teach how to manage not being friends with someone but still being respectful of them.

Equally, it is important to recognise that not everyone will like us. That doesn’t mean we should change who we are.

someone doesnt like me


September 2, 2022
by Mrs Young

Anxiety looks different for different people

For many people anxiety looks like panic, but for others they appear calm and happy while internalising their panic. Due to this, anxiety means that the brain is having to work harder to process and executive functioning issues can occur (use the search button on our blog to find out more resources about this.) This means when anxiety sets in, people need more support. Sometimes this can look like a day off work/school to help reset the brain. Sometimes it can look like setting out someone’s clothes for them or putting toothpaste on their toothbrush for them. Sometimes it can be sitting with someone in silence to allow them to process internally or talk.

Every one of us reacts differently and there is no one way to relieve anxiety, but sometimes it is okay to say “This is a hard time for you. I am here.”

Anxiety looks different

August 29, 2022
by Mrs Young

Home Routines

home routine symbols and timetable

You can also get our Morning Routine board and symbols by clicking the link below.

We would cut the symbols and add them to the board with blu tak or velcro so the board would be interactive and changeable as required. For some people, once the task is complete, it is important to remove it from the board so as to avoid overload.

For visual supports with brushing teeth, washing hair, chores etc, please use the search button at the side of the blog.

Morning Routine Updated | Communication Friendly Environments (

May 24, 2022
by Mrs Young

Visuals for Schools

We have been trying to visualise our schools. It is hugely important to ensure visuals are consistent in schools. Here are some of the ones we have made for our schools.

getting ready to learn

Homework is due

what i will need

who is the teacher

This resource is used to show pupils and staff who is in the room and the subject they are teaching.

where are my class

Sometimes classes need to get covered and go to a different room. Putting this outside the original class means pupils and staff can quickly find their class.

voice volume

knife safety

When cooking in school, some safety rules are needed.

home ec prep


January 6, 2022
by Mrs Young

Changes to Self Isolation from 6/1/2022

This is based on information from the Scottish Government website and can be found here.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: First Minister’s statement – 5 January 2022 – ( (last viewed 6/1/22)

This is not our information, we have only visualised the information. If you have questions regarding the rules please contact your elected officials.

Changes to Self Isolation Jan 2022


October 3, 2021
by Mrs Young

What I need from you and what I need you to know

Reasonable adjustments are what we change in order to become more equitable or just. This may be something like building a ramp into a building to make it more accessible or it could be something providing access to ear defenders when there is a planned fire alarm. By giving young people the opportunity to work out what they need, allows them opportunities to advocate for themselves as they get older.

reasonable adjustments

We use this in class and pupils circle what they need in order for them to be able to access and take part in the learning activities.

We use this one to support pupils when they are unable to verbally express themselves. These are cut into cards and put onto a key ring. The pupil then sits this on their desk with the card facing up, when they have something to communicate.

October 3, 2021
by Mrs Young


As we get older, we recognise the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. For some people, this comes easily, for others a lot of work needs to be done to recognise this.

Over the next few weeks, we will be adding more resources to look at friendships and how to get the best out of a relationship, give the best to a relationship and move on when a relationship ends.

friendships healthy and unhealthy


Making Friends Questionnaire


September 28, 2021
by Mrs Young

Setting Targets

These resources can be used to further develop a young person’s autonomy when planning their targets. We use then to develop a more structured conversation and to reduce anxieties. Using this allows young people to develop their own voice and the skills they need to advocate for themselves as they get older.


September 7, 2021
by Mrs Young

Self Talk

How often do we give good advice to others but would never follow the same advice for ourselves? Why do we hold ourselves to a higher standard than we hold others? There are so many of our young people with high anxiety because they are holding themselves to an impossible standard. By supporting them in positive self talk, this helps them to build resilience and good mental health strategies.  Sometimes the most toxic relationship is the one we have with ourselves.

self talk