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It can be difficult to balance choice, motivation and expectations when young people feel stressed. This can be used in school or at home. Must is the bare minimum of what they can do. Should is what you would prefer them to do. Could is if they want to push themselves.

At home we would use this for tasks such as eating. e.g. you must have two slices of toast; you should have two slices of toast plus an orange juice; you could have two slices of toast plus an orange juice and an egg.

Or for getting ready

You must brush your teeth and wash your face.

You should also wash your body.

You could style your hair.


At school this could be used to break down activities. e.g.

You must complete 3 sentences.

You should complete 5 sentences.

You could complete 5 sentences and complete a wordsearch.


must should could

Return to School February 2021

As always, our information comes from the Scottish Government website. viewed 19/2/21)

Return to school feb

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Returning to school feb 2021

It can be really tricky to navigate childcare and work. Sometimes some families need more than one childcare option. This planner aims to help show where the young person will be going before school (or if they will be at home); where they are to go after school; who will be picking them up from their child carer and what the evening plans are e.g. going to the shops etc.

Weekly planner