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Family Summer Bucket List

This year the summer holidays are going to be different than previous years. There are so many things we can do to keep the summer holidays fun. So we have created a Bucket List for families to try! This may not be appropriate for all families, as always, these are just some ideas! We have a million more so might make another one up!

Family Bucket List

My School Passport

Many people enjoy looking through photo albums or have wee boxes or folders of memories and keepsakes. This is important for our children and Young People too. We have created this wee booklet (Click the blue underlined words to open our PDF) that can work as both a transition document and a keepsake. Each year pages 3 and 4 could be printed and added to their booklet.

My School Passport

How Can I Prepare My Child for their Return to School?

Many of our parents are concerned about how their children and young people will cope with their return to school. Schools are working incredibly hard to try and get everything worked out to ensure everything is ready for our children and young people on their return in August. Everyone is working with the unknown. To try to help, we have made up a wee booklet that some of our parents have been asking about.

What can I do to help prepare my child

Returning in September? Use these pages instead!

Return to School in September



Facing bereavement can be difficult at any stage of our life. For our children and young people, they may react in ways we would never expect. Or they may react exactly as we thought. It can be hard to prepare for whether it is sudden or expected. There are lots of excellent resources out there to support and explain to our young people.

Here are a couple of our examples.

when a person dies

when a person dies page 2

Explaining and understanding death


Covid Worries for a Young Person

Many of our young people and older children are concerned about Covid-19. Again, using our understanding of the value of facing fear with facts.

This is important to only use the bits that are relevant and appropriate for your young person/ child. You know them best. If the example of the shop would mean they won’t want to go to a shop, then cut that bit off.

Worried about covid

Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter.

Remember, use only what is appropriate for your children/young people. Some of this may be upsetting so please use appropriately.

Anyone who follows our blog regularly will be aware that we make resources to support communication. Part of communication is understanding. Many people are trying desperately to understand what is happening in the world right now. Our children and young people too. We have based referenced our research below.

We have attempted to explain what ‘Black Lives Mean’ as best as we can. We are listening and we are learning.




References (05/06/20) (05/06/2020) (05/06/20)

Story and Sentence Support

When it comes to story writing, many of our children and young people have fantastic ideas but can find it difficult to process these ideas and focus on the physical requirements of forming each letter and word to make up the sentence of story. How many times do we find that asking the child or young person about their story or essay,they are able give us so much more than we see on their page?

To help with this, we have created sentence boards, where the pupil would select the image they want (these can easily be tailored to suit individual pupils likes/interests.

For those pupils who find it hard to start, we have the choice boards.

PDF available here Story Support

Teaching about Perceptions

There are many things people learn naturally. Others are that are specifically taught. Some are straight forward and others are more difficult.

Trying to get someone to take on board that someone else may have a different point of view or perception that is just as valid as their own is a tricky one.

We will be adding more resources to this in the coming weeks and months as many people will need this to be repeated and taught again.


Keeping Myself Safe

We recognise that with new guidance from the Scottish governments, some people may find it difficult to understand new rules or may find it difficult to understand other’s perceptions of these. To combat this, we have made up a couple of resources to help.


Breathing Exercises

Krysten Taprell has very kindly given us permission to visualise some of the amazing breathing techniques she discuss on her blog.
Karen Taprell says on her blog that when we slow our breathing down and keep it in rhythm then the body will follow.  She also says that being anxious, leads to a flight/flight reaction which can stimulate the Vagus Nerve. If breathing can be controlled then a message is sent to this nerve which causes the body to release calming chemicals.