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Face Coverings In Schools

We have updated this blog to include Adults Wearing Masks in Schools.

Adults wearing masks in school (26/8/20) (26/8/20)

This visual is to support the understanding of where to wear masks in school based in the Scottish Government Guidance. Information based on the above guidance from the Scottish Government.

Wearing Masks in Secondary Schools


Face Coverings


Teaching Time

We will build this up over the next few weeks. Resources can always be adapted to include the use of consistent visuals. Each pack follows a similar layout in order to provide consistency and to relieve anxiety of new things!

We are quite excited about our half past resource! We think it’s better than our original o’clock one! Sorting am and pm requires cutting along the line.

Remember to click the blue words on our blog to open up the PDF version.

quarter past

quarter to

Time Half Past

Time Half Past

Time o’clock


Secondary Timetables

It can be difficult for some of our young people to organise what they need for a full day of school. To support them, we have created a powerpoint that can be used at home/school and printed. This could then be attached to a keyring and kept on the young person’s bag.

To use, click and download the powerpoint. Open on a computer/tablet and copy and paste/move the visuals to make up the individual timetable for each day. Remember times may differ for each school/authority so please double check times before hand.

This is an example of how it could look.

Secondary timetables interactive – Powerpoint

Feeling Angry

Many of our returning pupils ( and adults) may experience anger next week but may not be able to explain why. Recognising this and supporting them, will provide positivie opportunities to develop self help strategies for life long skills.

angry– Downloadable version

Sharing information

It is so important in schools that we all know the best ways to support our pupils. This activity below can be printed and written on or downloaded and typed. Another option is to download to powerpoint and use the visuals. Visuals can be seen and understood quicker by most brains so benefits everyone…staff included.

Symbols can be dragged on to show what sensory issues staff need to be aware of. Daily requirements such as using overlays or a first/then board can be included. Extra information might include details of calming strategies or where to find required resources etc.

About Me – Powerpoint version

Below is an example of how this might look.


All Behaviour is Communication

When we look at situations, we often see the behaviour. It is crucially important that we look beyond the behaviour and look at the reason for the behaviour. There will always be one.

When working with our new neuro-divergent children and young people, this needs to be concerned before we react. We also need to look at developing their self awareness. These resources are to further develop this.

Overload 1


Getting to Know Me Activities

Returning to school can be tricky. As teachers, having a bank of easy to use and adapt resources is key for the first few days any year, but this year these resources need to be adapted to include a greater focus on supportingĀ  the emotional needs and mental health needs of our pupils. To help with this, we will be adding in resources over the next few days.

Getting to know me


This resource can be used as an interactive activity on a smart device. (see our previous posts on how to do this.)

It is about opening up how our children/young people feel. It is an activity that can be used as a one off or on a more regular basis.

How I feel Young Person

How I think I’m feeling

We have also made one for older teenagers/adults.

How I feel Adult

Returning to School Emotions

As the return to school is fast approaching. many of our pupils (and staff) will be feeling a range of emotions. Due to the length of time that has passed, we need to be so aware of ensuring that we are all aware of the emotions being experienced by those around us. These are challenging times for adults. We cannot begin to imagine how challenging this is for some of our children and young people. Some may react in ways we would not expect. Some of our children and young people may cope better than expected while others less so.

We need to support them as they need it.

Returning to School Emotions