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Children and Young People’s Mental Health Week

Mental Health Week

This is an example of a timetable for the week to support positive mental wellbeing in children and young people.

These are examples of different fun activities that can be done around the home.


Mental Health Week 2

It can be very telling when asking anyone what they like about themselves. If someone has low self esteem, getting them to find one thing they like about themselves can be hard but by getting there, this is something that can be built on. Whether it is a case of encouraging them to look in the mirror and say “I like my eyes.” or getting them to use the one thing they like about themselves to recognise that there are positives about themselves.


Sometimes we can think people perceive us the same way we perceive ourselves. When someone does not think highly of themselves, it can be hard to recognise that others may see us in a more positive light. This is something that can happen at any age.


My skills

Information is Power

We often use words with our children or young people that they may not understand. When this is something that has a direct impact on them, it is important we give them the information. This allows them to better understand themselves. This helps improve their mental health as they recognise there is a reason for what they do or why they do something.

This is also important for other children and young people to help them to understand their peers.

These contain lots of information so have been separated by colour to allow these to be cut into smaller strips to avoid information overload.


Covid Positive Result

Something no one wants is to have a positive result from a Covid test. Unfortunately for many, that is a reality. For anyone it can be terrifying but particularly for our young people. Covid affects people in different ways and we are not medical experts or have any knowledge more than basic first aid so we have based our visuals on the nhs website. (last viewed 16/01/21) 

I have covid


Life Skills

When we learn a new skill, we become more confident. Learning new skills have more than just a practical impact. To help, we have created resources to show how young people feel about what they can do on their own. This can be used to give an idea of their confidence in their own ability.

Life skills

Lockdown Routines

Respectfully and due to copyright issues, please ensure that you keep our ‘made by Boardmaker’ on all our work.

We’ve edited our routines page and will be including this post so that you can make up your own timetable to suit you and your family/school during home learning 2021.

The PDF and pictures can be printed and cut out.

Lockdown Routine 2021

This powerpoint can be used as an interactive resource. See our blog Interactive first and then board for more information on how to do this.

interactive routine

This is an example of what you will see on each powerpoint once you zoom out.



Social Media

Social media is a huge thing for our society. We are creating a pack to support the understanding of this and the importance of being responsible online. More resources will be added.

Technology confidence questionnaire

Remote Learning Check in

remote learning

Social Media

Social Media 1

Social Media Scenario

These could be used to enter into discussions about appropriate and inappropriate reactions on social media.