About Us!

We are a group of Support for Learning Teachers in North Lanarkshire Council, Scotland. We are currently known by our schools as the ELCaT Team. This means that we support children, families, teachers and schools with Early Learning, Communication and Transition. Within our team, we have staff who specialise in Sleep Scotland; Autism; and Child Development among many more.

We will be introducing ourselves over the next few days!


Over my teaching career, I worked in mainstream nurseries and primaries before moving into the ASN sector where I taught secondary pupils. I then moved to become a Support for Learning Teacher with the ELCaT Team. I have a particular interest in autism; communication, building relationships  and improving the world by pulling down barriers to communication and learning. I have an Autistic son who has taught me more than any book or course ever could! I love my job and wholeheartedly believe that inclusion is about adapting environments rather than changing children/young people.


I have worked in Early Years for most of my teaching career before beginning my job as a Support for Learning Teacher. I love the variety our job brings and being able to work with pupils, parents and teachers to provide the best support for the children and young people we work with. I have a keen interest in supporting teachers in adapting and using their environments to be more inclusive for all learners.


I have worked in education as a nursery teacher and primary teacher before my role as a Support for Learning Teacher. I have supported children (and their families) from birth to primary school. I am qualified in using VIG and particularly enjoy working with families and building relationships. I have a keen interest in early years and the importance of recognising behaviour as communication.


Having been a teacher for many years, my experience has taken me to America and Scotland. I love supporting children in their developing years. I am qualified in using VIG and Sleep Scotland. I have a keen interest in Early Years and Infant Level Education and supporting families to have better outcomes. My favourite part of my job is working alongside parents!


I have worked in education for the past 28 years. I have been a Senior Early Year’s Practitioner, an Early Intervention Development Officer, and then trained 14 years ago to become a Primary Teacher. I joined the ELCaT team in August 2018. I love my job! Every day is different and comes with its share of challenges, but it is so rewarding. I believe children learn best when good relationships are developed and for me this is a priority. I strive to build on each child’s strengths with an emphasis on communication, social interaction and play based skills. I am passionate about the value of play and how it enables children to make connections, develop understanding and become independent learners. I have a keen interest in supporting schools and teachers, helping them to consider and adapt their learning environments to best meet the needs of their pupils. I firmly believe that safe, responsive and nurturing environments are an important part of supporting the learning for all children, enabling them to manage change and ease transition.