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What I need from you and what I need you to know

Reasonable adjustments are what we change in order to become more equitable or just. This may be something like building a ramp into a building to make it more accessible or it could be something providing access to ear defenders when there is a planned fire alarm. By giving young people the opportunity to work out what they need, allows them opportunities to advocate for themselves as they get older.

reasonable adjustments

We use this in class and pupils circle what they need in order for them to be able to access and take part in the learning activities.

We use this one to support pupils when they are unable to verbally express themselves. These are cut into cards and put onto a key ring. The pupil then sits this on their desk with the card facing up, when they have something to communicate.


As we get older, we recognise the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. For some people, this comes easily, for others a lot of work needs to be done to recognise this.

Over the next few weeks, we will be adding more resources to look at friendships and how to get the best out of a relationship, give the best to a relationship and move on when a relationship ends.

friendships healthy and unhealthy