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Visual Explanations

Here we are going to be adding some Visual Explanations to help explain different situations that may arise. Visual Explanations are what we use to help develop understanding, perceptions and development of communication. All behaviour is communication so we would use these alongside analysis of communication, sensory processing and environmental factors.

Colours of symbols are used to show how these can be printed and cut into strips so that young people are not overwhelmed by too much information. This would depend on the young person. With some young people, we would use this as a poster and refer throughout the day. For other young people we would cut them into strips so they can be taken to other areas more easily.

PDF versions can be downloaded by clicking on the blue underlined words.

What should I do when I am hurt

when should i wash hands

I need to move

I need help

Mum is having a baby

okay and not okay

okay angry

Scottish Government Guidance Update September

Please note we are visualising the guidance only. We have no input nor access to further information. Please contact your local elected representatives if you have any questions. households

Restrictions in scotland retail hospitality tourism

Self Isolating

Test and Protect Self Isolate Last viewed 29/9/20


Scottish Government Update September

These are the visuals we have created based on the speech from the first minister. This can be found in the link below. Please make sure you check localised guidance regularly for the most up to date information. We are only visualising the information and only have the information from the speech and the government website. Therefore we cannot answer any questions in relation to the change of rules or what they mean.

Scot Gov Update

After School Communication

“How was school today?” One of the most challenging questions to ask. As parents, we never know what the response will be. For some of our children and young people, it can be hard to articulate. For others, school is finished and they have already experienced it. It is present in their mind and they have the knowledge. It can be hard for them to recognise that we haven’t experienced the same as them, therefore we do not know.  For others, they are so exhausted that they cannot bear to talk about it.

We worry.

To help, we have created a couple of resources. We would laminate these resources for our children/pupils and use a whiteboard pen. This can help take away some of the anxiety and give you some information.

Today in school I liked

My favourite thing this week was