Health and Food Technology (HFT)

New S1 pupils, click the link below to meet your HFT teachers.  Will you take up the Scone challenge?

Here are a few links to help you with the Scone Challenge.

Basic Scone Recipe

Rubbing In technique

Feel free to email us photo’s of your final scone.  We’d love to see them!  Good Luck.

You can access home learning resources for this subject using the following links:

S1&2 HFT Nutrition Home Learning workbook

S1-S3 Food a Fact of Life Home Learning Activities  

S3 Food Miles Activities

Try theses recipes for all levels

S1&2 Home Learning Activities
S3 Home Learning Activities



Principal Teacher

Mrs Spiers

Classroom Teachers

Mrs McKelvie
Mrs Lafaiki

The Higher Health and Food Technology course addresses contemporary issues affecting food and nutrition, including ethical and moral considerations, sustainability of sources, food production and development, and their effects on consumer choices. Learners analyse the relationships between health, food and nutrition, and plan, make and evaluate food products to a range of dietary and lifestyle needs.

Pupils will also undertake an assignment with a given brief consisting of planning; production; product testing and; evaluation which accounts for 50% of their overall mark and the other 50% is the written exam.

Who might choose this subject?
Pupils interested in pursuing careers in food science, design and technology, sports nutrition, nursing, teaching, dietetics, medicine, trading standards, consumer law, advertising, retail, food product development.
Additional Information
Pupils will receive visits from leading Food & Drink experts and potential employers.  It would also be our hope to have various industry trips too.