Physical Education (PE)

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Principal Teacher

S Leitch

Classroom Teachers

R Renwick
T Kelly
R Ogden
A McGougan
Z Scott
G Ross
I MacSween
D MacBride

National 4, National 5, Higher

These courses have two mandatory Units which are internally assessed. They are:


Physical Education: Performance

This Unit will focus on enhancing learner engagement and performance in physical activity by analysing, embedding and developing elements of performance including skills application, applied fitness, performance awareness and performance composition.


Physical Education: Factors Impacting on Performance

This Unit will explore factors which impact positively or negatively on engagement and performance in physical activities. Learners will examine and analyse the development of personal performance.


In addition:

National 4

To achieve the Physical Education (National 4) Course, learners must pass both of the required Units above, including the Added Value Unit which is all internally assessed. The course has been designed to allow progression onto National 5.


National 5 and Higher

To achieve the Physical Education (National 5 or Higher) Course, the learner must pass both of the required Units above, as well as the Course assessment and is marked externally by the SQA (Nat 5 = Portfolio, Higher = 1 hour 30 min exam). Pupils may then progress onto Higher or Advanced Higher on successful completion of the course at this level. (NOTE: To study Higher pupils should have achieved Grade A or B at National 5, to study Advanced Higher pupils should achieve A or B at Higher.)

Who might choose this subject?
The main purpose of this course is to allow learners the opportunity to engage in physical activities and develop and improve their movement and performance skills. Learners who prefer to develop knowledge and understanding through practical activities and the giving and receiving of feedback will find the experiential learning in this course particularly appealing.
Additional Information
Pupils considering studying Physical Education should understand that written assessment as well as practical assessment will be necessary for National 4, and National 5, and Higher levels. Regular homework and written class tasks are issued to help track pupil progress and are a mandatory part of the course.  In order to maximise pupil experience and ensure breadth across the curriculum, pupils should understand that there is a mandatory swimming element across all National levels. Pupils should be competent swimmers and be able to swim at least 2 lengths of the pool.