BGE Science




Pupils in S1 and S2 cover 4 topics in Biology, Chemistry and Physics each year as well as an outdoor learning topic and topical science projects.

Pupils can access homework, summary sheets and revision questions for each topic in the pupil resources.

 Biology 1  Chemistry 1  Physics 1 Biology 2  Chemistry 2 Physics 2
Cells & Photosynthesis Periodic Table Heating & Cooling Life Processes Chemical Reactions Energy & Forces
B1. Homework C1. Homework P1. Homework B2. Homework C2. Homework P2. Homework
B1. Summary Sheet C1. Summary Sheet P1. Summary Sheet B2. Summary Sheet C2. Summary Sheet P2. Summary Sheet
B1. Summary Questions C1. Summary Questions P1. Summary Questions B2. Summary Questions C2. Summary Questions P2. Summary Questions

Welcome to Science!

In our Science department you can expect to learn all about Biology, Chemistry and Physics in exciting and practical ways.

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