Board Game Club

Mr Gibson Monday/Friday Lunchtime W31

Tabletop board games, miniature war games, Role playing games.

S1 pupils will be given the chance to experience Dungeons and Dragons run by Mr Gibson to help them make characters, learn the rules and create stories with their friends one session a week.

S2 and up pupils will have access to the books to be able to create and run their own campaigns with small groups.

There is also a selection of board games ranging from Smash Up! (A deck building points gathering game) to Betrayal at house on the hill (a build a map defector game which changes depending on which items are uncovered).

A hopeful edition to the club schedule will be an after school day committed to learning Games Workshop Warhammer 40K, Necromunda, Blood Bowl and Kill Team.

This will be in conjunction with the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) award as the collection, painting and playing of this game counts towards your skill element within DofE.

It will begin with talking about the hobby as a whole, getting your first miniature, tips on painting and getting your charc5er looking battle ready before Learning the basics of the game.

This can lead onto collecting your own warbands/gangs/football teams and painting them before larger scale armies do battle for the honour of the schools best. This can then lead into National Schools league games where students compete and can qualify to attend the Finals in England.

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