Pupil Support


Pupil Support:

All pupils at Shawlands Academy are members of one of six Pastoral Care House Groups.

Each House Group is headed and managed by a Principal Teacher of Pastoral Care and a House Head.

House System:

Principal Teacher of Pastoral Care
House Head
Cathkin Mr S Alexander Ms C Sinclair
Linn Mrs A Gemmell Mr D MacBride
Maxwell 1 & 2 Ms A Warden Mrs C Cutler (DHT Pupil Support)
Maxwell 3 & 4 Ms S Hamid Mrs C Cutler (DHT Pupil Support)
Newlands Miss K Rodger Mrs B Barton
Pollock Mrs R Smith Mrs J McCauley

Our Pastoral Care Principals and House Heads work closely with our parents, carers and guardians. In addition we work closely with many other services and organisations in the interest of our young people. Taking a co-ordinated approach, we work closely with others members of staff to monitor and track each pupils’ development. As a team we aim to ensure that each pupil is known personally and in depth to their Pastoral Care Teacher and Head of House, and will identify and respond quickly to each pupils’ individual needs.

Duties Undertaken by Pastoral Care Staff:

Principal Teachers of Pastoral Care are concerned with every aspect of each pupils’ educational progress. The duties of our Pastoral Care Staff include;

  1. Monitoring each pupils’ attendance and timekeeping.
  2. Monitoring each pupils academic progress in all subject areas.
  3. Interviewing, advising and supporting pupils throughout their school careers.
  4. Target-setting with pupils following academic parental reports.
  5. Meeting with our Parents, Carers and Guardians to discuss progress.
  6. Attending meetings with and reporting to specialist services on behalf of our pupils. This includes our Learning Community Attendance Council, Learning Community Joint Support Team, Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration, Psychological Services Staff, Social Work Services Staff and other Voluntary Services such as Young Carers and YCSA.
  7. Providing careers advice and information for pupils. Liaising with staff from Skills Development Scotland to ensure that pupils receive the best opportunities for future career planning.
  8. Advising on course choice options at key transition points.
  9. Guiding our senior pupils through the process of applying to Universities and Colleges.
  10. Providing references for UCAS, Colleges and prospective employers.
  11. Assisting pupils to secure Work Experience placements in the Senior Phase of their education.

Additional Supports in school:

We have an extensive support team within the school to ensure that all of our young people can access the support they need:

Home School Support Officer – Debbie Ferguson helps support pupils coming to school if they are anxious, nervous or need support going to class.  She also carries out home visits to parents/carers to offer them support.
Action for Children – Our school counsellor, Jennifer Bannerman is in school every Thursday to support pupils with their mental health.
MCR Pathways Coordinator – Aimie Bowman works with care experienced young people in school.
YCSA (Youth Community Support Agency) – offers support to pupils from a BMAE background.
FARE – Carola Gudim is our FARE Youth Worker who offers timetabled and drop in support across all year groups.
SDS Careers Advisors – KarenPutman,  Angela Arrighi and Ross Coll help support pupils secure a positive destination post-school.
Developing Young Workforce – Lauran King helps pupils access positive destinations and college places.
Rohit Rao supports pupils in securing work placements and positive destinations for BMAE students.
Financial Inclusion Officer – Dominika Wirkus is a partner from the Citizen’s Advice Bureaux who links with the school to support families who have a low income. Citizens Advice Bureaux 0141 881 2462. Email schools@gnwcab.org.uk
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