Miss Keatings

Mrs McLeod

Mr Collins

Mrs Faisal

Miss Hollywood

Levels offered: National 3, National 4, National 5, Higher, Advanced Higher

This course is practical and experiential and develops scientific understanding of issues relating to chemistry. The course uses the development of chemical theory to build an extensive set of skills for learners. Through application of a detailed knowledge and understanding of chemical concepts, in practical situations, learners develop an appreciation of the impact of chemistry on their everyday lives. The course develops learners’ interest in and enthusiasm for chemistry through a variety of contexts relevant to chemistry’s impact on society, namely: utilising nature’s resources, chemical analysis, and the development of new and novel applications.

Who might choose this subject?

Pupils who have a keen interest in any aspect of chemistry (such as elements and compounds, medicine and energy) would enjoy this subject. As a chemist, you would use your knowledge to develop products and processes in a wide range of areas, such as saving lives through development of new medicines, analysing the environment and investigating climate change, protecting health by keeping water supplies clean, creating new products and controlling quality in the food industry, and finding ways to dispose of industrial waste safely. Chemists also invent new artificial fibres and plastics, diagnose and treat illness and disease in the healthcare sector, analyse forensic evidence in criminal investigations, and also go into teaching, lecturing and academic research.