Administration & IT

Administration and IT offers YOU life long employability skills in the area of administration and information technology.

Learn the skills needed to become a leader in software applications.

You will gain skills:

  • In word processing. learn to create business letters, itineraries, leaflets, reports and tables.
  • In using e-mail for business.
  • In creating business leaflets using Desk Top Publishing packages.
  • In the use of Spreadsheets by learning to use formula to calculate and creating charts from data.
  • In using Database software
  • In carrying out research on the Internet

Understand how an organisation works, and what role the administrator plays in the success of the organisation.

You will:

  • Gain knowledge in good customer care
  • Assess the skills and qualities needed to be a good administrator
  • Carry out a range of Administrative tasks in an office environment
  • Understand and gain knowledge in how meetings are organised and what the role of the administrator is.

Skills gained in Administration and IT could enable you to get part-time office work to fund your way through college or university. The IT skills will help you through further study when you need to write up reports, do research on the internet and be organised! Or it can allow you to gain employment as an administrator in an office.

We offer Administration and IT for all levels of abilities.

The 3 levels available are:

  • National 3
  • National 4
  • National 5

National 3

The key purpose of this course is to give learners a basic introduction to administration and to develop their basic IT skills and the ability to carry out simple administrative tasks. Assessment is Internally assessed.

National 4 and National 5

The key purpose of this course is to develop learners’ administrative and IT skills and, ultimately, to enable them to contribute to the effective functioning of organisations in junior administrative positions. Assessment is both internally and externally assessed.


Pupils can progress to the next level, once they have passed all units and assessments in each course.

Pupils who pass National 5, can progress to the Higher. Higher Administration and IT is a recognised higher for university entrance.