Art & Design


Principal Teacher

Mrs Kelly


Miss Grech

Mrs McCougan

Miss Coleman

Miss Rom

Levels offered: National 4, National 5, Higher, Advanced Higher

On completing the course, pupils will have developed skills in planning, producing and presenting creative art and design work. They will have used art and design materials, techniques and/or technology in creative ways when developing and refining their ideas and work. They will also have developed an understanding of artists and designers as creative practitioners and self – reflect on their own work and that of others.

Who might choose this subject?

It is important that you have a genuine interest and enthusiasm for art and artists and what inspires them. You should be willing to practice your skills regularly for homework and make a commitment to complete all written work.

This course can contribute to a career in many creative industries, including Textiles, Jewelry, Media, Beauty, Graphic Design, Architecture, Engineering, Product Design and Teaching.

Additional Information

The learning experiences in the course are flexible and adaptable, with opportunities for personalisation and choice in both expressive and design contexts. This makes it highly accessible, as it can be contextualised to suit a diverse range of learners’ needs and aspirations.

To achieve National 5 you must have a good level of written English.