PC Passport

PC Passport is a modern qualification that will teach you how to use contemporary software such as Word™, Excel™ and Powerpoint™. It not only covers how to use the basic functions of these packages, but you will also learn how to use the collaborative and cloud-based features of the packages.

This qualification is ideal as preparation for employment or progression to further studies
since you will gain knowledge and skills that are vital for employment or progression to more advanced qualifications.

Whether you are a complete beginner, an older learner, or someone who would like to build on the knowledge and skills they already have, this qualification will offer you many
opportunities to make progress, become successful, and create and collaborate using web-based services.

The qualification will give you opportunities to:

  • develop the knowledge and skills that will enable you to create, store and share your
    word processing, spreadsheet and presentations.
  • develop your knowledge and understanding of the use of web-based applications and services.