Lorraine Cafferty

Lesley McCann

Levels offered: National 4, National 5, Higher, Advanced Higher

In Drama, pupils will learn to:

• generate and communicate thoughts and ideas when creating drama
• develop a knowledge and understanding of a range of social and cultural influences on drama
• develop a range of skills in presenting drama
• develop knowledge, understanding and the use of a range of production skills when
presenting drama including costume, props, makeup, lighting and sound.
• use drama skills in a drama performance
• explore form, structure, genre and style
• explore, evaluate and analyse how the use of self-expression, language and movement can develop your ideas for drama
• develop thinking and problem solving skills as you explore, develop and use drama skills

Who might choose this subject?

Pupils need to have a strong, enthusiastic interest in drama, a willingness to participate and engage with other people, and the confidence to experiment and share in a group. Pupils should also have good organisational skills and a commitment to complete all written work.

This course can contribute to a career in many creative industries, as well as supporting greater confidence and self-belief in many other key areas of life.

Additional Information

Learners will draw on and extend their knowledge and apply their practical skills in creating a drama. It will focus on the process and product of learning. The practical activity will be sufficiently open and flexible to allow for personalisation and choice.

These features help make the course adaptable, with the flexibility to meet the needs and aspirations of a diverse range of learners.

Having good written English skills will support the level of attainment in Drama.


 School closure: Mrs Cafferty’s work online

S3: I have set up Teams for my S3 – There are two booklets that you can work through. I have also posted some tasks for you to complete.

S4: I have set up  Teams for my S4 N5 class. There are tasks to work through also two booklets in files.

Anyone who is not on the Teams group please email me through Glow.

please contact me through email or Teams. Keep the Drama flowing!!