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Welcome to Science!

Throughout all areas of the science curriculum offered at Shawlands we aim to enable learners to become scientifically literate citizens who will recognise the impact of science on their lives, the environment and society in order to allow them to understand and engage in topical scientific debate. At all levels of the science curriculum, learners will develop skills for learning beyond the science classroom as they prepare for life long learning and employment.

To further support your learning at home, we are currently developing our exciting new ‘Science @ Shawlands’ revision site! This is currently under construction however you will find an increasing range of resources in the coming weeks and months!

15/11/23: Current content on Science @ Shawlands includes: Nat 5 Biology (Cell Biology, Life on Earth), Higher Human Biology (Human Cells),  Higher Biology (DNA Structure & Replication), Nat 5 chemistry (Chemical Changes & Structure), Nat 5 Physics (Vectors & Scalars, Velocity Time Graphs)

You can expect Science homework to be assigned on MS Teams from November 2023.

You can access our Exam Preparation Leaflet for 2023/24 HERE

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Faculty Head: Mr Downie