Year Head

Mr MacBride


Home Learning update 26.05.20

Welcome new S5 Students.The next phase of home learning starts this week as you move onto your new timetable. You should now be on all of your teams which should match with your options. Please email me if there are any issues. Happy learning.

Home Learning Update 06.05.20

Good afternoon everyone

I hope you are well and staying safe. I just wanted to say hello and send you a reminder about home learning.

You should all be working based on the choices you have submitted for next session.

  • Higher and Advanced Higher English and Maths general Teams have been set up so you should all have access to the work being posted;
  • For other options, you should be learning through Scholar or BBC Bitesize – at the appropriate level;
  • You can  also be logging on to My World of Work and completing some of the tasks which help them to write a CV; this will be useful for University and College personal statements for next session
  • If you need any further clarification, please email me.

SQA Information Update 03.04.20

Dear Parent / Carer / Student,

Following my communications yesterday, we now have more information from the SQA.

Yesterday evening we received further guidance from the SQA stating that no internal coursework will now be marked by external markers. This includes all coursework that has already been sent away. Please see below revised guides for more information. Schools now have an extended deadline to submit estimate grades so please do not contact members of staff asking for more information about your (or your child’s) estimates.

Thank you for your patience and support,

Mrs Carr

Head Teacher

Shawlands Academy SQA exam diet 2020 – FAQ V2 030420



SQA and Home Learning Update 02.04.20

Good morning,

Thank you for your patience as we adjust to the unprecedented times we find ourselves in. Please be assured that we are doing everything that we can to ensure that all young people are not disadvantaged by the current climate.

As you will appreciate, information is changing at quite a pace but I wanted to try to answer as many questions as possible – that some of you may have. Please read the attached document – which will hopefully clarify the position in terms of the 2020 SQA Examination diet. Should any information change, I will update you as soon as possible.

In the interim, your child has been sent an e mail with possible suggestions for work as we approach the spring break. For those returning to S5 or S6, online options will be sent out in due course. We are confident that we will be able to complete this process remotely.

For the moment, there are things that your child can be working on:

  • Log on to My World of Work – there is a tile on your GLOW homepage that will take you directly to this. Complete some of the questionnaires and activities – these will help you to plan the subjects you need to opt for next session;
  • Use the guidelines on My World of Work to write a CV or begin a Personal Statement – this is good preparation for the next stage in your learning;
  • If there are subjects that you definitely know you are taking next session, begin accessing the resources on the school website or BBC Bitesize. More information will be shared about this after the spring break.

Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Pastoral Care Teacher or Year Head if you still have further questions or need more information. 

I hope you and your family are safe and well.

Mrs Pauline Carr

Head Teacher


S5/6 Curriculum Planning 2020-2021

Dear S5 Pupil please click on the link below to access the options booklet for next session. An email will be sent to you with a link to an electronic options form. Please note that all S5 students are required to choose a minimum of 4 subject with the exception of candidates who are studying 3 Advanced Highers.


Shawlands Academy SQA exam diet 2020 – FAQ

School Closure coursework update

Dear S5 Students

I hope you are well and staying safe.

A number of students have asked what they should be working on just now. I would suggest that you think carefully about what subject choices you are making for next session and begin some work around this. More information will be coming out in regards to option choices so please do not worry if you did not make these before the school closure.

If you are planning to study a subject you currently study at the next level then you should get in touch with your class teacher through microsoft teams where there will be materials waiting for you. If you are taking a new subject then I suggest you do some research through BBC bitesize. If you are planning to repeat a subject then again get in touch with your class teacher on teams and use Scholar, BBC bitesize and subject specific websites to support your revision.

There has been a home learning section created on the school website which has useful links for specific subjects as well as Health and well being links. It is important for you to look after your mental health at this time.

Please get on touch with myself or Pastoral care should you require any support or if you need your glow password reset.

Take care and best wishes

Jan McCauley

Supported study Feb-Mar 2020

S5 assembly 28.02.20

LGBT History Month Assembly 2020

S5 assembly 14.02.20V2

S5 assembly 24.01.20

S5 assembly 10.01.20

S5 assembly 15.11.19