Business Management

Business Management offers YOU skills in the area of Business and Business Management.

Learn what is needed to understand how the business world works.

You will:

  • Learn what an Entrepreneur does and why they are important in business.
  • Learn about relationships between society and business.
  • Learn where to find Finance to start your own business.
  • Understand why the Economy is important.
  • Understand what goes into advertising a product for consumers.
  • Understand how world events affect your business.

We offer Business Management for all ability levels.

The 3 levels are:

National 3 – Business
“The key purpose of this course is to give learners a basic understanding to running a business and how to manage the business. Assessment is internally assessed”

National 4 – Business
“The key purpose of this course is to develop learners’ understanding of the way in which businesses operate in current dynamic, changing, competitive and economic environments, and to encourage entrepreneurial attitudes.

The knowledge gained of financial and economic situations, through a business context, can be applied to personal living so that learners can manage their own personal financial affairs with confidence, and gain a better understanding of the impact of economic issues on their lives.”

Assessment is both internally and externally assessed.

National 5 – Business Management
“The purpose of the course is to highlight the way in which organisations operate and the steps that they take to achieve their goals. This will be done through combining practical and theoretical aspects of business learning through the use of real-life business contexts. The skills, knowledge and understanding gained will be embedded in current business practice and theory, and will reflect the integrated nature of organisations, their functions and their decision-making processes.”

A main feature of this course is the development of enterprise and employability skills. Learners will be able to understand and make use of business information to interpret and report on overall business performance in a range of contexts.

Learners can progress to the next level, once they have passed all units and assessments in each course.

Learners who pass National 5 can progress to Higher Business Management.