Media Studies


Ms Foy

Levels offered: National 4, National 5

The Media course allows pupils to strengthen and consolidate their language literacy skills while also introducing them to media literacy skills. Pupils will be given a variety of opportunities to analyse texts in different media formats while developing their awareness and understanding of creating media texts for specific purposes and target audiences.

As part of the course, pupils will also be required to apply the knowledge they have gained to create their own media texts to appeal to specific target audiences and achieve different purposes. Pupils can engage with various different types of media communication including film, radio, trailers, adverts and many more.

Who might choose this subject?

The course provides flexibility, personalisation and choice to enable learners to achieve in different ways and at a different pace.

Learners who have completed the National 4 English course, but who may need further consolidation of their literacy skills to better prepare them for the demands at National 5 level, would be perfect candidates for this course. It is both challenging and engaging and allows pupils to stretch their own reading, listening, talking and writing skills.

Learners who have a keen interest in media production and who have a good deal of creativity would find this course very enjoyable.

Additional Information

Learners who are interested in careers within the media or in pursuing modern apprenticeships in this area could benefit from gaining progressive Media qualifications.