Graphic Communications

Higher Graphic Communication is where you can push your graphical skills to the limits and try new technology, techniques and concepts to present a huge range of graphics.

This challenging course requires commitment and a sense of adventure; you will have to create presentations in relation to a brief and deliver at the highest levels.

In Higher Graphic Communication you will learn about:

Creative graphic design 3D Animation Computer Aided Design
Engineering drawing Professional DTP Professional printing
Computer Aided Manufacture Photo-realistic illustration Problem solving

You will learn new manual techniques for creating graphics along with using the latest industrial software and hardware used by professional designers and engineers to solve problems. Advanced Higher allows pupils to develop these skills further.

Who might choose this subject?
Pupils who achieved well at National 5 will perform well at Higher level.

Pupils who complete Higher normally go on to Advanced Higher in S6.


Pupils can pick Higher or Advanced Higher Graphic Communication without any prior experience in the subject. Those pupils traditionally have an interest in Art or Design & Manufacture, however this is not essential. If unsure, best to talk to teachers in the department for advice first.

Additional Information
The final Higher exam is out of 140 marks. 70 marks is a traditional written exam and 70 marks are based on a Course Assignment. This assignment is based on a brief that will explain a graphic challenge. This will allow you to create preliminary, production and promotional drawings to complete the brief on no more than 10 pages of A3 paper.

Graphic Communication also allows a lot of personalisation and creativity in the subject that allows them to pick themes for topics. This is one of the reasons why it is a popular choice for pupils.

You will use a wide range of modern techniques and technologies to create a huge range of graphics. This course allows you the freedom to respond to real-life challenges and gain the skills that university and employers are calling on…

University subjects that will accept Higher and Advanced Higher Graphic Communication include: Architecture, Interactive Media Design, Computer Animation with Digital Art, Technological Education, Digital Media and many more

The department have been very successful in supporting pupils into these university destinations.