BAFTA Young Games Designer

Mr Gibson Tuesday Lunchtime W31

This is a competition that runs from January to April each year.

S1 students begin looking at designing a computer game. Teacher led for  each session.

This allows students to understand the creative process behind the making of video games. This gives them a chance to express themselves creatively, coming up with ideas and developing the narrative structure of their ideas into a coherent story with game mechanics

S2 students will look at programming languages to try and develop their ideas further.

The main focus of this year is to look at a language called Twine – this is a visual novel style language which allows students to continue to develop their ability to come up with a story for a game and build from the beginning through the middle to the end.

This helps students to understand story structure, what makes a good narrative and how this can be applied to create investment with the players.

S3 – S6 students will focus on more in-depth areas of Game making such as Game Theory and Bartle’s taxonomy of player types.

This is to help the creators make more relevent design choices within their game idea, and detail the reasons behind that choice. This will be the beginning of actually making a product that they would be willing to try and license or create going forward. If possible in school there will be an introduction of a programming language to help create a game using ebooks and guides to begin making a game in their own time.

Examples include:

  • BlitzMax
  • RPGMaker
  • Construct 2
  • Javascript
  • Unity
  • Gamemaker Studio
  • HTML5
  • Python