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Mr Flanagan

Mr Cunnigham

Mr Sanclement

Levels offered: National 3, National 4, National 5, Higher, Advanced Higher

Physicists study the world around us and try to uncover the laws which govern how and why objects exist and behave as they do. Their research and findings act as the scientific basis for developments in all kinds of technology from communications and energy efficiency to space and satellites.

The study of Physics contributes to an increased knowledge and understanding facts, ideas, techniques and applications of physics, improves problem solving skills and provides an opportunity for some investigative work.

Who might choose this course?

If you’re good at science and maths, and a logical thinker, being a physicist could be the career for you. You’ll also need an enquiring mind and the ability to communicate well.

You could apply your knowledge of physics in a variety of industries depending on your particular area of expertise. For example, physicists might be involved in climate forecasting, developing new medical instruments and treatments, development of analytical equipment or working in satellite technology and space exploration. They could also be investigating new ways to generate power, exploring robotics and artificial intelligence, or teaching in schools, colleges or universities.


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