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FAOL – Outdoor Learning

The Stars class made bird feeders to feed to hungry birds in our sensory garden during the cold weather. We mixed together lard and bird seed then filled yogurt pots we’d saved from snack time. The pots were tied up high around the garden for the birds to access.




Time For a Grill Up

Following on from the Transition Boys’ Healthy/Unhealthy lesson they explored alternative cooking methods to make a cooked breakfast healthy. The boys were all Responsible Citizens when they correctly identified the correct kitchen equipment and used it in a safe manner. Some of the boys took charge of the drinks orders and made sure that everyone was well looked after.

Festive Fun!

The Beech and Transition classes joined forces this week for a social outing to Gemmell’s Garden Centre!  Every pupil had a ball and were very responsible citizens throughout the morning.  We enjoyed some shopping, experienced the beautiful and calming Christmas lights as well as took turns to try ice-skating or driving round a track!  We then enjoyed some snacks and hot chocolate in the lovely cafe.

St Andrew’s Sensory Assembly

On Wednesday morning the Transition boys took part in a Sensory St. Andrew’s Assembly. They were all Responsible Citizens as they took part in a variety of activities including, hand painting thistles, identifying the famous Scot and modelling a thistle. I think we all agree that our favourite station was tasting Scottish food. I’d share some photographs of that but the food disappeared in the blink of an eye!