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FAOL – ECO – Clean Water and Sanitation

The Stars Class made a rain catcher to collect water in the garden. We sieved it through paper to see how clean it was to drink. It was full of dirt and leaves. We are so lucky to have clean water from the tap to drink and wash in. Some boys and girls from abroad are not so lucky and have to drink dirty water from rivers or lakes. We have also planted spring bulbs in the garden. We hope they will grow into colourful daffodils and tulips.


Perfect Pumpkin Pie

With the glut of pumpkins in Kilmarnock (Killiewe’en had passed, what’s this Hallowe’en thing?) the Transition boys decided to make pumpkin pie. They were all Effective Contributors when they read and followed the recipe.  Skills included; weighing, measuring, melting, grating and baking. They were Responsible Citizens when working with the hot oven, ensuring everyone was safe. They also took the time to practice their spreading and cutting skills by having a tea and toast social. A great Autumnal feast!

FAOL Eco/ Sustainable Development- Recycled Houses

We have been Responsible Citizens and have been collecting recyclable items from home and bringing them into school so that we can use them as part of our theme work. We have been turning our ‘junk’ items into our own model village, complete with a church, a supermarket, and a few different styles of house too.

We worked very independently coming up with our own ideas and making our own choices!



The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

To finish a lovely week, the Transition boys took part in ‘The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’ on behalf on McMillan Cancer Support. The boys were Responsible Citizens helping to raise money for such a good cause. The Transition boys enjoyed eating the muffins they had made on Thursday and, rumour has it, there was even some dancing to be enjoyed. Great fun all round!

Good Week Back For The Stars Class

The Stars Class have been getting to know each other by talking about friendship and doing activities together. We made a birthday board based on ‘The Greatest Showman’ and compiled a Class Charter. In the Garden we harvested carrots and courgettes we’d grown and made a tasty stir fry at H.E.