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FAOL MacMillan Coffee Morning Cupcakes

The Asteroids have had lots of fun as they baked their MacMillan cupcakes. They were very confident when gathering the ingredients using the recipe and they loved cracking the egg and stirring the mixture. The boys chose which colour of cupcake case they wanted and were able to sign or say some of the key ingredients and processes.

They then had great fun making three different colours of icing. They enjoyed squirting in the different food colouring and watching what happened to the white icing when they added the colouring. The boys chose which colours to ice their cupcakes from the MacMillan Cancer charity colours – white, green and purple. Most of them opted for using all three!

They all enjoyed eating their cupcakes for afternoon snack!

The boys also enjoyed making a large cupcake to stick on the classroom door and Percy Pig noses to wear when getting our photos taken as Percy Pig.

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Hello from the Pine Class!!!

This year the MacMillan Coffee Morning is on Friday 24th of September and as a class we have put together some ideas for the rest of the school and for you at home.

If you would like to host an event yourself – small or LARGE!!! There is a link below to the web page.

Macmillan Coffee Morning - Widnes Vikings

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

Well at home you may have your favourite cake and biscuit recipes, please if you are making something send us in some photos, we would love to see you baking talents!!

Other recipe ideas for some yummy Colin Cookie Dough, Ultimate Percy Tray Bake or Fuss-free Fridge Cake can be found on the Website below.

Marks and Spencers‘ Recipe Ideas

Home baking | Food To Order | M&SRecipe: Colin the Caterpillar cookie dough - So CountiesFridge Cake | M&S

On the day, if you want, why don’t you wear something purple or green, the MacMillan colours OR come with crazy cup cake hair…..or just crazy hair!!!

Nick Jr Cup Cake Hair

How to Create a Cupcake Updo Tutorial 🍰 | Sunny Day's Style Files | Nick Jr. - YouTube

Pinterest Cup Cake Hair

Things to do at School 


Our class voted for a MASCOT to celebrate the day – the choices were a Gingerbread Person, Colin or Connie the Caterpillar or Percy the PIG…..Percy won!!! So we will be putting a large cut out of Percy in the Atrium (without his head) so you could go and stand on his muddy puddle and have your photo taken – you might want to make and wear a mask, or some ears…..or even a curly tail!!!


Pig Mask

We have made a large Cup Cake (there seems to a theme here – or the Pine Class just like Cup Cakes!!) to display outside our class – please join in and make and display one outside your classroom.

To save paper we will leave some different colouring sheets outside the Pine Room and you can photocopy any that you think are appropriate.

On the Friday Morning please enjoy your snack – eat and drink what is appropriate in your class – if you have made or decorated something GREAT!!  If you have a teapot to pose with FANTASTIC!!! Remember and take some photos for the Blog.

Have a great day.

The Pine Class




Macmillan Coffee Morning

The Oak class were all effective contributors when preparing and making our class coffee morning take place.

Everyone had a collective responsibility to ensure the tables were cleaned before setting the table and decorating our swiss roll to create our version of a caterpillar cake.  Cameron named it ‘Coby the Caterpillar’.

Everyone was actively engaged in all the tasks and even more engaged when it came to enjoying the cake with a cup of hot chocolate.

The Flamingo that came for Coffee!

This week we have continued with our story ‘The Flamingo that didn’t want to be Pink’ and made some lovely Flamingos – we were successful learners and made choices and decided what we want our Flamingos to look like. Selecting different paper, feathers, pom-poms and glitter! Aren’t they lovely?

And we also got to read the story outside in the sunshine.

Numeracy has been fun! We have counted different animals and learned their Makaton sign, even the sign for Starfish (actually we had to ask Mr Campbell that one!) sorted and explored different colours and enjoyed playing dominoes.

We are confident individuals while participating in our physical exercise and    MOVE, and carried out our hard work!

In the Pine Room we are always very happy to hear each others news during morning Group, and we like making choices and pressing the feeling sound bar to express how we feel each morning.

In Science, we are still looking after the Bees and have made a couple of ‘Bee Houses’ – counting the canes and fitting them into the tin. They are now hanging up in a tree that we can see from our class room – hopefully a family of friendly bees might move in!

Social Sciences we are continuing looking after the birds and we made some  birds feeders out of apples! Getting all we needed ready, cutting the string and the apples in half, mixing the bird seed and the lard and pressing into the apples.

Our Responsible Citizen was given a special lanyard by Boyle, as she has been looking after and helping everyone in the Pine Room and carrying her allocated jobs.

Today is the MacMillan Coffee, in class we liked making Colin the Caterpillar. We enjoyed our Class Social Snack – although none of us had coffee!!! We hope you like our MacMillan Cups –  we all made a choice of what treat  to put in it!!

Have a great weekend.