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Fun last week of term!

A visit from Steven Brown and Harris McCoo for an amazing performance of his new song! We also had a birthday boy, Angus turned 13. What a fantastic day to have a birthday.

Jack and Blake were very confident individuals who performed the Harris McCoo song in front of the whole school.  Very confident with their singing, signing and dancing! Well done boys, very proud of you!

Pizza Party to celebrate winning ‘Class of the Year’ through the Cream of Ayrshire Awards! Pizza then lots of dancing and games to burn off our food!

FAOL – Sandy Castles

The Oak Class have been learning about houses and homes. The boys created these super sand pictures using coloured sand from the art room. All of the children participated in making a castle picture and some were able to work independently.

The boys used the class emoji faces to self assess their own work and learning experience. Excellent work from these successful learners!

Special Events

We all came together to enjoy our Macmillan coffee morning and have fun dancing with our friends.  We also said a sad farewell and good  luck to Mr Bark is away to start a new adventure.

It’s that time again, Christmas card deigns.  The boys enjoyed some painting today, they chose the style of penguin they liked the best and used their foot print to personalise their penguin card.  The end result will follow tomorrow.

Successful Learners in the Oak Class

We made four different smoothies, Orange, Pineapple, Banana and Blueberry. We followed our pictorial, written and sequencer recipes.  Were all responsible for making a different smoothie.  We did a taste test at the end and the most popular smoothie was the pineapple one.

Angus has been enjoying going to PE with his friends, he is confident when using the apparatus.  It is great to see all the boys interacting together.

The Oak boy band in the making are working so very hard with all their songs, our playlist is up to four songs. Well done boys for being successful learners and all working together as a group.

Pet Therapy, the bearded dragon! Anthony loved this and enjoyed watching Lizzy have a snack on some grasshoppers and worms.

We have also celebrated Blake’s Birthday, sharing presents, playing some games and baking him a delicious chocolate cake! It was very tasty!

National Maths Week!

The Oak Class have been busy boys this week with all of their maths work. They have really enjoyed the variety of maths activities.

All the boys have been successful learners.

During this activity the boys had to know their directions as they were blind folded and had to listen to instructions very carefully to get to the opposite side carefully.

Blake and Jack had to guide Mr Bark safely to the end using their knowledge of left, right, forwards and backwards.

The boys then had to do a hunt following instructions of how many steps to get to the jigsaw piece and which direction to go.

They worked as a team to put the jigsaw pieces of our class together!

Enjoying the games during counting work.


Confident individuals during money work.

LS Lowry Houses

The Oak class have been extremely busy in the art room. The boys recreated the famous ‘Berwick upon Tweed’ painting by LS Lowry. They used recycled paper and card and decided to go with a bright colours theme.

We discussed perspective and the clever use of horizon lines in paintings. We also talked about how simplistic yet effective the stick people figures are in the foreground. Super successful learners today.

Wonderful work by some budding young artists!

Highlights of our week

All week our boys have been confident, successful and effective to complete all the work tasks you see below;

Jack was fantastic at his reading and creating sentences this week.

Angus and Nathan shared the sand tray between them and interacted well.

Anthony and Jack being super helpers, washing and drying the snack dishes.

We all have right to healthy food, so we made happy faces using fruit and then we tasted fruit we like and tried some new fruits.

Sean worked very well during rebound therapy, lots of good interaction and listening.

Our song that we are learning at the moment is George Ezra ‘Shotgun’, we are learning the signs and how to play the tune on the chime bard and bells.

We were learning about different houses and structures, we were looking at the yurt and tepee houses.  So we decided to learn how to build our own tent, it was very warm and cosy inside.

Our boys made and posted their votes for all our school captain roles.

Angus completed 10 minutes on the treadmill!