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Easter activities

In the Comets class we have been busy doing lots of fun Easter activities. We have been effective contributors  and worked well as a team to find all of the hidden eggs in the garden.

During our Easter literacy task this week we have been successful learners.  We were each given a shopping list with different Easter treats and had to look through our magazines to find each of the items and tick them off on our lists.

We were confident individuals when we made our delicious chocolaty egg nests.  The children learned all about a Bain-Marie and how to do this safely.

For our Easter assembly we made some fabulous chick inspired instruments.

Have an eggcellent holiday Comets and family!

Love from Miss Robertson and the ladies x

Easter egg hunt

Chocolaty egg nests 

Easter shopping


Happy Easter

We enjoyed a playing balloon volleyball with our class friends, some of our boys are working on their fear of balloons.  They did very well playing this game, and were effective contributors when working as a team to keep the balloon off the ground.

We made some Easter masks, we were successful learners when completing this task.  We were working on our literacy to colour our masks.  We were listening to a three step instruction and also our fine motor skills.

We enjoyed taking part in some Easter art activities, everyone in the Oak class hope that you all have ‘A CRACKING EASTER’.

We also had to work on our reading skills, we cracked open our eggs and read the action. We enjoyed performing these to music, we found the wheelbarrow fun but hard work!

Then we had an egg hunt in the class, some of the class friends enjoyed sitting watching the hunt and waiting on the chocolate eggs being brought to them to eat! Team work, I think!

Have a lovely Easter and we look forward to being back together soon!


Exciting Easter Activities

Confident Individuals   Effective Contributors   *Successful Learners

We have enjoyed participating in lots of Easter activities this week. We created cards for home and made mars bar tray bake which we cut in to egg shapes and decorated. We painted and rolled eggs, had an egg hunt and had fun with  a Humpty Dumpty science experiment where we had to protect boiled eggs from cracking when we dropped them from a height. The best protection was wrapping it in a jumper! It was good to see Rev. Cameron at out virtual Easter assembly and we’re keeping a look out for the Easter Bunny as we hear he’s in the area.