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Fun Interaction in Oak

In the Oak class this week we have had a room full of confident individuals, who have enjoyed one another’s company to take part in a lot of different activities that involves us being together.  Lots of great friendships have been made within this class, it has been a week with positive interactions with others.  

We enjoyed taking part in our Summer Beach Party games and had a piece of Colin the Caterpillar cake to celebrate the end of term.

We sang and signed along to some of our favourite songs with Singing Hands Summer Gig.

Also we have been getting behind our country and becoming football ready! We have really enjoyed performing our movement exercises to Yes Sir, I can Boogie!


Have a cup of kindness

To follow on from our friendship assembly and because February is Friendly February.  We made out own kindness cups. We decorated them with stickers and stampers and then picture a symbol of how we are going to be kind.  We chose sharing, helping, listening and hugging. We added these mugs along with some of our friendship assembly to our display and will continue to look at different ways to be friendly and kid throughout the month of February.


Great friendship in the Oak class, everyone showed they were responsible citizens when walking into town yesterday.  Blake and Angus demonstrated great road safety awareness when crossing the road.

We had some shopping to do and then enjoyed snack in the Coffee Trader. Cameron helped Mrs Murray place the order and had excellent manners when speaking to the lady in the café.