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Fireworks & Cakes

We enjoyed listening to a firework story and then we made sparkly firework pictures.  We were working on our fine motor skills to complete this task.

Café Latte has opened again for the year so we were busy making cupcakes for the café on Friday.  Everyone was effective contributors and enjoying making and of course doing a quick quality control taste test once they were ready.

The Science of Bread making!!

This week we have been working on making choices – by selecting our favourite characters from the film ‘Inside Out’ using pictures, sensory bottles and the oil mats.

We also been working on our numeracy skills using the Switch IT Games and colourful objects to count. Jacob enjoys the Switch IT games, Reece and Jessica love working together.

We continued with our Cloudy with a chance of meatballs theme this week and made Cheesy Rolls – yummy!!!  The dough proved – got REALLY BIG – the Science bit!!! we kneaded it, added the cheese and baked it.

Adam got a great honour in receiving a Head Teachers Award, he was really pleased and we were all really proud – he is just trying to look really cool!!!!



Food Food Food!

Fun with food this week, we made fruit faces and tasted / licked a variety of food.

All boys were confident individuals to try some of the fruit that they would not normally choose to eat.

Our topic work this term is learning to develop our life skills through our book study, Soup Day & Pizza Day.

We will develop our skills in the following areas;

  • Creating shopping lists
  • Shopping
  • Paying for items
  • Cooking  – homemade pizza and soup
  • Using transport
  • Cleaning  and tidying

We made vegetable soup today in cooking, on Monday we made the shopping list for all the ingredients we would need. Today, we were effective contributors to  work together to prepare the vegetables and make the soup.

An Egg-cellent Cooking Session!

In cooking this week, all the boys in Transition were eggs-tra Confident Individuals when choosing what they would like to make. Everyone chose what their favourite types of eggs are and whether they’d like to use bread or a roll. We had scrambled eggs, fried eggs, an omelette and even some French toast. Everyone had a cracking time and enjoyed an eggs- quisite brunch in cooking.