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P.A.R.T.Y with P7 – week 1

Our topic in Primary 7 this term is ‘Choices for Life’. Throughout this topic we are learning about how to make safe and sensible choices in life as we grow up and move on to high school.

This week we experienced our first of four sessions of PARTY from Youth Alive (Providing Alcohol Related Training for Young people). These sessions are designed to help us to develop our understanding and awareness of how to stay safe when faced with the decision of drinking alcohol.

This week we learned about units of alcohol. We learned how many units are recommended on a weekly basis for an adult and learned about ‘love your liver’ days. We each had to guess what one unit of vodka looked like in a glass before Ali showed us an exact measurement!! Many of us were VERY far off with our guesses!!

image    image

At the end of the session we each were given a mocktail to try. This weeks mocktail consisted of lemonade, orange juice and grenadine sugar syrup! Yum!!!

image    image

We are really looking forward to next weeks session already!

New Learning Campus Latest News 12.4.16

Take a look at this footage of the fence being constructed on site ready for work to commence on our new school. We are very grateful to Dalbeattie High School for supplying us with this. We are aiming to start taking children in classes, in the near future, to view progress at the construction site. Again, we appreciate the High School accommodating us in this way, by using an upper floor classroom to view from, until a viewing platform is available.


Nursery News

We have continued our transport topic in the Nursery this week, amongst other things.  Following our transport survey last week, we created pictograms of the results on the interactive whiteboard and used the pictogram to discuss the results – in summary lots of cars but no motorbikes (to the disappointment of quite a few children)!  We practised our movement skills outside; weaving in & out of cones, stepping between hoops & balancing on stepping stones.  We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as a favourite character and by creating our own stories; we used a figure, a picture of a place and of a vehicle as stimuli.  The children showed great imagination & created some fantastic stories, all of which are now in the children’s PLPs.  Mrs Carson brought some frog spawn to Nursery which is now in a tank and is getting a lot of interest; already we have some tadpoles swimming around!!  Some of the children were cooking this week; soup is a very popular snack so Mrs McLatchie & her helpers made lentil soup; everyone had snack together and we sat at tables as if we were in a café.  We finished off the week by making paper aeroplanes and flying them in the Nursery; with a little bit of practice they were flying very well indeed!

Next week we will begin planning our space topic with the children!

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