End of Term Assembly 2019

Dalbeattie Primary has just held another successful end of term assembly and awards. Prizes and awards were presented as follows:

Alistair Gourlay Art Prize-Winner was Evie McGougan. Runners up were Elise Wixon, Dylan Slack, Kai Hill, Darcey Frew, Isla Tattersfield, Ebony McMorran

Babsie Caig Primary 7 Role Model– Louise Kelting

Jenny Corrie Poetry Award- Grace Hurley

History Cup- Lily Davidson

Alan Younger Art Trophy- Amber Latimer

Lions Club Citizenship Prize- Winner was Katie Mein. Runners up were Emma Newbould, Anne Keeley, Kerri O’ Dornan, Jessica Bowden and Cara Houston.

Janice Jamieson Reading Award-Winner was Jennifer Taylor. Runners up were Keira Johnston, Isaac Gibbs Brown, Joy McCall and Samuel Havler.

Mc Shane Award for Effort- Evie Smallwood

Girls 300m Winner- Jennifer Taylor

Boys 300m Winner-Thomas Brown

Girls Champion Cup- Jennifer Taylor

Boys Champion Cup-Thomas Brown

The Taylor Shield for Best Sports House Team was won by Craignair and the House Points Trophy was won by Screel.

In addition to these awards, certificates and prizes were also presented to William Heughan Citizenship Prize winners: Elise Wixon, Amalie Wykes, Lucy Smith, Lexie Anderson, Jasmine Wixon, Robbie Wykes, Ruari Webster, Jennifer Taylor, Reece Latimer, Logan Carson, Jessica Bowden. The following also received certificates: Jude Mouat, Connor Hitchell, Cameron Hitchell, Ella Blaikie, Fallon McGimpsey, Rebecca Hird, Jessica Boynton,  Rory McCormick, Ebony McMorran, Katie Harper, Freya MacIntosh, Abigail Houston, Aoife Tallontire, Eilidh Tallontire, Fabio Murray Sanchez, Blair Kalotka, Amber Latimer, , Katie Mein, Emma Harper, Finlay Burns, Megan Oswald, Grace Hurley, Carrie Davidson.

Also presented later in the day were framed pictures to keep for Jennifer Taylor and Ebony McMorran, who had previously won the Library Mascot competition. These designs have now been enhanced using graphics and copies have been framed to display in school. The images, saved as jpegs, can now be used in the future on library certificates or prizes.

We were, however, sorry to be saying goodbye to  Miss Thomson, Miss Wilson and Miss Dalton.


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