Primary Three Woodland Walk

As part of our topic, and to link in with our topic maths this term, P3 adventured up Rounall Wood again. It was a glorious day and we wished we had left our jackets in school, however we never can tell with the ever-changing weather. Ailsa even gave a ladybird a lift on the way up!
After finding a spot to stop and have snack, we learned a little of the history of the wood. We were then given a right angle challenge, where we had to use sticks to make a shape/design which contained lots of right angles. We also looked at all of the angles round about us and discussed if they were bigger or smaller than right angles.
We then grabbed our collecting jars with magnified lids and we carefully collected some of the different mini-beasts found in the wood. We got some spiders, worms, woodlice and other little creepy crawlies.
On the way to the bog and pond area we looked at the signs of danger which related to the steep sides from the quarry. Once at the pond, we were given ‘no salt dough’ to make some funny faces using the nature from all around in the woods. We discussed why it was no salt dough, and that although we were not leaving it in the woods, salty dough would not be very kind to the animals if they were to eat it.
Finally, before heading home, we were given a compass (in pairs) as we have been learning about compass points. Although we found it quite tricky to get the hang of using, we were able to see the compass points and find North, South, East and West.
Mrs Wixon had the added bonus of having Mrs McConnell, Bryony and Kerry to help with the activities on the day. Thank you ladies, and thank you to the very well behaved P3 class!

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